With Spellbound opening on November 25th at 1pm SLT, it’s easy to get lost in the twists and turns of the intriguing story-line and the magic that will be released into the SL-verse. After all, there are puzzles to solve, spells to learn, clues to find, a mystery to unravel and, of course, Achievements to earn. The icing on the enchanted cake would be the prizes, so it’s time to introduce MadPea’s awesome collaborators and give you a sneak peek into variety of fabulous rewards from these popular designers!

BALACLAVA!! creates fun and functional decor, accessories and so many lovely items that will bring a smile to anyone’s lips. Their collaborator prize – a Spellbound Broomstick – is proof of that. With its sleek lines and easy maneuverability this sweet sweeper will zip budding young users of magic to and from their intended locations in less time than it would take a crow to circle the moon.

Best of all, you don’t need a license to fly it!

Candle & Cauldron concocts wondrous decor for all those sudden occult needs, and from quirky to just plain amazing, this store has what every witch and warlock needs. Their prize – the Preparations Cauldron – comes equipped with those little extras needed for a spell on the fly! (Spell-crafting while flying is not recommended!)

Thank goodness it has a spare candle!

Gabriel crafts splendid outfits and accessories that make all who wear them stand out in the crowd. Why wear plain, everyday clothing when you can wear something designed by Gabriel? Just have a look at the ::GB:: Magical Necklace and marvel at the sharp reliefs that seem to almost jump off of the gorgeous gold medallion!

It’s so shiny!

The Half Moon Market has what everyone dabbling in the ancient realms of sorcery needs when it comes to the unique and unusual. They have clockwork rainbow turtles, rocking horse flies, and so many more amazing things. These gorgeous Apothecary Bottles are just the intriguing tip of the iceberg when it comes to this store! No icebergs were harmed in the making of these bottles.

Such mysterious potions.. are they safe to drink?

Insomnia Angel prestidigitates up some delightful accessories and outfits for all those playful sorcerers and sorceresses in search of a distinctive look. There is magic in the outlandish, after all. Of course, what is a stunning look without the proper place to store it? The Jewelry Shelf Box, with its glass encasing and plush interior, has it covered. Never be lost in the crowd with this little beauty protecting your finery.

Knife? What knife? Oh, that knife!

Insurrektion has everything that young practitioners of magic need to keep their rooms both practical and enticing. Who says the cramped, dark dorms have to be less than trendy? With the Magic Luggage Set -a Spellbound collaborator’s prize- anyone can live in style. Madpea is not responsible for bodies found in closets or luggage.

Everything right at your fingertips!

Jinx has the finest in accessories for the Water Horse Riding Horse, and all of those plucky young mage-crafters tired of normal steeds. They also carry accessories and ladies fashions for those in search of something more than ordinary. Nowhere is it better shown that with the Demonic Horns, with their elegant bearing and delicate decorations. No one ever said demonic meant less than fashionable.

Wow! Those are some horns!

KraftWork, a crafter of buildings, decor and accessories, is the perfect spot for enchanters on the go. With so much detail and creativity in one place, it’s always a win. The Psychic Readings set is a lovely way to get in touch with spirits, look into the future, or even just sit and gaze into the crystal ball in silent meditation. MadPea is not responsible for any angry spirits brought across the boundaries of life and death to get revenge!

What does your future hold? Spellbound!

Krescendo creates buildings, decor, accessories and so much more in styles that reach across many genres and eras. Their Spellbound collaborator prize – the Monster Munch Lunch set – appeals to more than just the stomach, it entices the eyes of every magus and witch, drawing them deeper into the soul of hunger. Please note that this prize is NOT suitable for vegans!

Do they deliver?

Noctis has been a valued collaborator with MadPea for many years, and is renown for unique furnishings and hand-crafted decor. With so many wonderful items to chose from, even the most finicky of young magic students can find a treasure to personalize their dorm room. The Little Potion Shelf and Little Magic Book Shelf are a marvelous way to save space and display all the things the Professors assume is being learned.

Where is my oil of boil?

Ah, I guess I should study.



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