In the second of a series of articles we will be exploring those dedicated creatures who give so much to make MadPea a reality worth experiencing; our Peas.  So for now we’ll delve into the intriguing world of our SuperFans; Peas who stand out so brightly that no one can miss their Pea-genuity and Pea-serverance.

Bugs Larnia and Tealkie Resident are all of that and more; SuperFans through and  through, these Peas keep chat interesting and definitely challenge MadPea to be all that it can.

Start the ride before they get bored!!!

From the very beginning the interview promised to be a delightful challenge. After all two, to quote Tealkie: “raccoon, pixie, volcoon, pixiecoon….. nuts! Or just self entertaining weirdos with a pension for getting into trouble” can get into twice as much mischief at any time. As proven by Tealkie’s greeting, “Whatever it was, it wasn’t my fault! I swear!” and Bug’s immediate agreement, “I didn’t do it.”

After assuring them that the security feed could prove their innocence – an announcement that was met with guilty faces and the weird need to hide a pair of wire cutters – it was time for the first, and most obvious question. How did you two find MadPea?

Immediately pointing to Tealkie, Bugs declared, “She did! All her fault!” Bouncing up into the air a few times, Tealkie bragged, “Eh….. I kinda did a “Lookit! Lookit! We gotta do dis!! Saw it when I was checking out Firestorm’s thingy.. there was a hunt… and then we did …” Of course, the follow up of which game did they find first was hard to interject between the excited words, but the attempt still had to be made. “That was… Ghost Town first, I think. And then whatsitsname. With the chickens. (UNIA). Things kind of went downh….expanded from there.”

Bugs in the midst of Madness

“I’m slightly addicted to hunts,” Tealkie confessed. “Yeah! And all da games!”  Bugs was unable to help adding, “And for some reason Tealkie is ahead of me in points which is totally unfair!” Trying to keep the energetic pair on topic and off of the ticket booth by the bumper cars with a quick question “Did you have any favorite parts of Ghost Town or Unia?” turned out to be less than effective.

“I liked the chickens!” Tealkie shouted, trying to fly from the top of the tire pile. “And getting to blast all the bad things.” “And the worms!  And the uniform was good,” Bugs added, floating towards the ceiling in defiance of gravity. “Ghost Town was…. well, Ghost Town. Good story.”

Tealkie learns to fly, or just bounce a lot.

Deciding to try the bumper cars -forcing everyone in the area to dive for cover- the two mischiveous pixies barely heard the next question; What’s more important, prizes or points?  While Bugs and Tealkie instantly shouted out, “Points!!!” they paused immediately after, the bumper cars idling in the covered area for a long couple of seconds. “And puzzles! Solving puzzles is da bestestest.”

“Yus! The puzzles!!” Nodding and pulling out a gigantic MadPea candy bar, Tealkie claimed not to be competitive at all, really, and the love of the win was just a side thing. “You can’t choose between which points are the best, cause they all have their own thing!” Running off to find some new things to bounce – forcing a Keystone Cops like chase, Bugs yelled, “Achievements are fun!! And Mad World. Mad World is awesome! Mad World is amazingsome!” Grinning and swinging up into an ancient cage probably once used by the Captain himself, Tealkie added, “Mad World is epic!!!!! Love chiefments cause each one has a different picture!”

This is not going to hold long.

When asked what part of the games and hunts they liked the least, Bugs chimed up with, “Solving riddles, puzzles, enigmas, mysteries.” Bopping Bugs on the head, Tealkie chuckled, “She said least.” After a brief tussle through the bars, Bugs sighed, “Least? Hmm. Lag, but that’s normal SL. And that you can really only play most games once.” Tealkie nodded and shyly added, “I am not totally fond of jumping, but that’s because I suck at it…. and Bugs teases me.”

What sort of games or hunts would you like to see in future from MadPea? Pausing for the first time, Tealkie beamed and chortled, ” Oooo! I think it would be awesome to have a pirate themed game! Where we gotta go to Davie Jones’s locker and rescue da treasure!” Bugs was a little more thoughtful in her response, “Hmmmm…. a sequel to The Interview would be nice…. what Tealkie said and maybe a sci-fi theme sometime…. or a Sherlock Holmes story…..” For a moment, at any rate. “…where one of the passwords is “No shit, Sherlock! Or a Spy game, where you have to elude the spycatchers!”

Don’t bite! It is not a real watermelon!

They both had fun during the Monster Hunt, would they recommend other sims participate? “YUS!!! Always!!!! The more the merrier!!!!” So how would the pair convince others to participate if they had the chance? “We patrip…..parcipt….pratic…….joined too! It makes peeps come over and if you make your sim purdy and sell nice things they come back!” Bugs confided. “Eh.. where else can people get chocolate bars bigger than they are?” Tealkie added wisely. “I think that if people realize just how many new peoples will come to their region, it will help…. cause traffic might get more customers! And chocolate.”

Would you recommend premium to others, and Why? “Yeah!! Cause Premium has more hunts!!!! All da hunts! All da hunts!!!” Bopping Tealkie on the head in agreement, Bugs added, “YUS! You get nice prezzies, get to do more hunts and join earlier, get special prizes, a new group with cool peas and bragging rights!”

Still not a watermelon! Don’t bite!

What would you tell the Queen Pea if you could? Grinning in such a way as if to say the answer should have been obvious, Bugs chirped, “I didn’t do it!” only seconds before Tealkie giggled, “It’s not my fault!”

If you had the chance to pass a message onto old peas and new, what would it be? Tealkie steepled her fingers and offered, “Even if things are a bit of a struggle, have fun, don’t take it too seriously, and be good to each other!!! Also, Bugs didn’t do it, and its not my fault!” A moment of thought later, Bugs added, “Pixie rule #170: When all else fails, throw caution to the winds and anvils at everything else.”

Wise words.

Watching the mischievous sprites disappear into the sugar colored mist, it’s easy to see why they have risen to the ranks of MadPea Superfans. Energy, a joy of life and a twisted sprinkling of roguish charm are qualities we come to expect, and always delight in, from Peas. To find out for yourself, join the group and meet those lovely beings that make up the Pod for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.