Can you solve the mystery of the Haunting of Jessica’s Dollhouse? Jessica disappeared many years ago, but when items of dollhouse furniture start to arrive in the post, Phillip and Mary Langford are first puzzled, then increasingly terrified. Can you figure out why this is happening to them? Collect all the items, solve the mystery and win a fabulous prize, as well as MadPea Achievement Points!

This newest MadPea gacha set is available at the MadPea Main Store!

Can you solve the mystery?

MadPea’s the Haunting of Jessica’s Dollhouse gacha set consists of 16 items (1 RARE and 15 commons), a VIP item and an Epiphany exclusive set. Each piece is a tiny replica of genuine furniture, crafted by the artisans of MadPea, with a gorgeous RARE Dollhouse to keep them in and a teeny family to play with inside!

Dress the dollhouse up in spookiness with the sheet covered pieces of the Epiphany Exclusive; the Spooky Living Room Set!

Just in time for Halloween!

An adorable addition to any home, doll sized or not, the Epiphany VIP item – the Toy Box with Toys – is a must have addition. You’ll melt a the sight of the precious memories tucked away in the lovingly handmade chest! Make sure you don’t miss it!

So efficient and adorable!

If you want to solve the mystery of the Haunting of Jessica’s Dollhouse, win a fabulous prize as well as MadPea Achievement Points, then head to MadPea Main Store and let the fun begin! Of course, if that isn’t enough incentive…

SPOILER AHEAD!!! Don’t look if you want to keep the Haunting of Jessica’s Dollhouse as a mystery…

However, those of you curious and need a little push of motivation.. our gacha set at is not just a dollhouse! If you collect all pieces you’ll get sent into a story to solve a mystery and find out what happened to Jessica!

Once solved, you win the FULL SIZE House including 24 FULL SIZE furniture and decor items, all animated and fitting nicely into the house.