For two years now MadPea’s the Tower has been a unique mixture of puzzle and story, leaving the players with a sense of wonderment. As each mystery unraveled, another layer of enigma was revealed and in the end, with that almost evil twist, the players were drawn into a satisfying conclusion that very few ever saw coming.

Sadly, as with all good things, the Tower is coming to an end on September 22, 2019, and to celebrate a game that has been a part of MadPea for such a long time, from now until the final day the HUDS, game enhancements and merchandise will all be 50% OFF!

Since its conception in 2017, the heavily story based game has been a source of entertainment and frustration for many, many players as they wander through unique environments designed to leave them with a deep sense of isolation and confusion. Where are they? How did they get there? Where is everyone?

Unlocking clues to the answers seems simple… at first.

The first puzzle is simple, but intriguing, with colorful shapes and a generous timer setting. With some careful maneuvering of the mouse, the player can quickly find the solution to unlock the elevator and, after taking a moment to grab the strange tarot card that seems very out of place for the setting, head down to discover what lies ahead.

Where am I? Why is there a child’s puzzle on that table? What’s going on?

At that point it would be easy to assume the following challenges will be similar, if somewhat harder, tests of skill, but as all Peas know: MadPea isn’t your typical game creator.

In the second puzzle players learn that MadPea’s ultimate goal -beyond the entertainment and amusement of all- is to drive everyone, well, Mad! Figuring out why there are bloodstains on one of the lanes, and how to find the code to that stubborn pass-lock by the the elevators can take a while, leaving the player grateful that there is no timer for this challenge. Many a scream of “Aha!” has been heard echoing through the Tower as players realize they need to match the scorecards to pins in a specific order.

The feeling of satisfaction and pride are intense as players snatch up their tarot cards and step onto the elevator, thinking they are now ready for anything the Tower can throw at them… Madness soon follows.

Bowling? Really? There’s Bowling in the middle of nowhere?

The third puzzle is a beautiful view that seems designed to cover up the evil hiding just under the surface. Players are fooled into relaxing by the comfortable furniture and low, soothing lights as they exit the elevator, only to discover there are weapons scattered around the room. Was there a death match over an overdue book here or were the librarians just that strict?

The information in the computers will lead the players to the solution and a way to activate the elevators. Of course, everything the player learns will just lead to more questions, but that’s all part of the fun with MadPea games.

Will this computer let me order pizza?

The Fourth puzzle seems to be, at first, a coffee lover’s dream; all flavors and snacks available immediately without the long lines full of people ignoring the world while jawing on cellphones. However, the player will learn, as they search the room for the clues and items needed to get the elevator running, how quickly the slow drip of the abandoned coffee machines will drive them into the depths of insanity.

A thorough search of the room, leaving no bagel un-nibbled, will give the play several wires that will aide in the task, but figuring out which order to use them in will require a bit more looking around. Good thing there are snacks listed on the menus nearby.

They have chocolate sprinkles! Yum!

Yanking on the padlock holding the chain that’s wrapped around the next elevator will not open the doors, and the player will have to find a way to break out of the Fifth puzzle. Well, it is a room full of science, so that should be easy, right?

It doesn’t take long to realize that nothing in the Tower is as easy as it may appear, and that the player is in for a real challenge. Sure, there is an instruction manual just laying about, but it’s easily missed in the rush to collect all ingredients needed.

I was told not to touch, but Science!

Still coughing after exposure to the toxic fumes of acid, the player will stumble out of the elevator and into a very nasty surprise; the Sixth puzzle. Reluctantly back-tracking the bloody footprints into the room to be greeted by a grizzly sight, the players are left to ask themselves if it is better to look for a way to activate the elevator or to run back to a previous room to hide.

While in most pirate cases dead men tell no tales, the Tower skulls actually have a lot to say that is helpful, and the player can quickly figure out the code for the elevator.

This can’t be very hygienic!

The Seventh level of the Tower is very relaxing after all the challenges the players have faced, and the poster of games gone by often bright pangs of nostalgia. Making sure to relax enough to face the coming challenge, the players can explore to their hearts content and discover more clues in their own time.

Where is the elevator music?

As for what happens next? Well…. You will need to grab a landmark from the links below and find out for yourself. The Tower is an incredible game that has been enjoyed by thousands of people, and at a 50% Off, it is a bargain you will regret missing out on.