Excitement is roaring through the Crew as we open a Wickedly Wacky Week at MadPea with the Brand New Face of the Pea! Just look at that adorably grumpy face; there is Madness in those eyes! As clear as the sleek design of the new Main Store, the Mega Sale of 50% OFF everything -except the AOM Intelligence- on the Sim, the MadPea Agents of Mystery Adventure Hunt, the Surprise Special Sim Quest: Reflections of the Past, a Brand New Premium Group Gift and the Brand New MadPea Group Gift!

Here’s look of all the amazing adventures and activities that you do NOT want to miss:

MadPea is celebrating the grand reopening of the MadPea Main Store and the incredible update of the Logo during the MadPea Wickedly Wacky Week! To share our excitement over all the new and mysterious happenings at MadPea with you, and to reveal a few things as well, we are having a huge 50% OFF sale in the amazing new main store! From 12pm SLT on June 22 to 12pm SLT on June 28th, all multiplayer games, solo games, arcade style games, bowling games, HUD based games, social games, Halloween gacha, awesome golf gacha, game gacha, story gacha, decor gacha, interactive gacha, decor and decorations galore, wearables, rideables and so much more are all available at the amazing 50% OFF!

While the Intelligence for the MadPea Agents of Mystery will not be on sale, be sure to grab yours to hide at home, work, clubs or anywhere else you have rezzing powers and watch the excited hunters stream in! A mysterious organization known only as “The Collective” seeks to take over the world in a time where crime is at an all-time high. When little hope is left in the world, you are the one they call. Become an MBI Agent and work to stop The Collective in MadPea’s first interactive adventure hunt! Discover cryptic clues, valuable treasures, and amazing prizes in your mission to save the world from evil in the MadPea Agents of Mystery!

Mad World closed under tragic circumstances many years ago, but the old accidents and mishaps are starting to happen again. Find the 11 mirror shards hidden around MadPea and MadPea Base and uncover the park’s grim history. Solve the free quest –Reflections of the Past– and win a special prize and Achievement points. But don’t expect it to be easy!

MadPea is thrilled to share a Brand New Premium Group Gift with our Premiums! Spice up your parties, get togethers or gatherings with the exciting and fun MadPea Silly Spinner! Whether you miss a turn, or take your time pulling a prank, the spinner will have your family, friend and guests in stitches!

MadPea is celebrating the Peas with fun, excitement, a beautiful rainbow and a Brand New Group Gift! Glide across the water in ultimate style with the MadPea Rainbow Float! Designed with function as well as fashion, this gorgeous float will take your mood up into the rainbow colored clouds as you enjoy the bounties of nature around you!