Area 51 has been hailed for years as the epicenter of alien research and containment. Many believe that extraterrestrials have been studied and experimented on in the deep bowels of underground military base. You know they are mistaken and the real deal is Area 52.

Receiving several packages in the morning mail, from a colleague who it seems might have annoyed some people with influence convinces you to get on the road. You are determined to find your friend and figure out, once and for all, if there is life out there.

This newest MadPea gacha is available at the MadPea Main Store!

MadPea’s Area 52 gacha set consists of 22 items (2 RARE and 20 commons), a VIP item and an Epiphany exclusive item. Handcrafted by extraterrestrials… erm.. the artisans at MadPea, this unique and mysterious gacha set is truly out of this world!

Unbelievable, but true; there is an actual working remote control device in this fun and interactive gacha set! You can fly it around for fun, create obstacle courses and challenge friends, or just prank people in your neighborhood! There’s no end to the fun with the MadPea Remote Controlled Drone!

The MadPea Epiphany VIP item -only obtainable by spending 1,000L- is an adorable interstellar offering that will brighten any home, business or club! The MadPea Alien Kitty Lamp is a texture changing piece of decor that is a brilliant way to shine a light into the darkness of the universe!

The perfect way to display your love for the mysteries of space, with just a dash of foreboding warnings, the MadPea Epiphany Exclusive was available to you for Epiphany points! Grab yours MadPea Alien Head Sign and show people that the truth really is out there!

To preview this amazing gacha set while getting reading to head over to MadPea Main Store, check out the MadPea video created by our talented Kiria Travesty and voiced by the incredible DJ LANDY ™!

Video Credits: Kiria Travesty

Voice Over Credits: DJ LANDY ™