MadPea’s Cupid Catastrophe is well underway with Peas snatching up Cupid’s left and right!  Our leaderboard is filling up with names both familiar and new, so the crew here at MadPea thought we’d bring you some interviews.

First up is Wiloaa, or Rita per her display name.  My first question to her gave me quite a pleasant surprise when I found out that for her, Second Life is a family affair.  Rita told me, ” I used to watch my mum and dad play Second Life, so when I was old enough to join the teen grid, that’s where my SL began. When I was eligible to move to the main grid, I was straight here.” After telling her, I thought that was an amazing base to have as a beginning to adventures here I got this reply.  “Yep! It’s great because a lot of people can’t really share the world with their family or friends.” Rita continued,  “I appreciate that I can be open with that and I can get them involved in things going on in SL!” “What keeps me in Second Life is creativity and community. There’s always something to do, somewhere to go. It never stops!”

Rita, all geared up and hunting Cupids

I inquired if she had found a favorite Cupid while hunting, and she made me giggle with her response, “Well, I wouldn’t want to show favoritism, the cupids might hide! Or hunt me!” She finished with, “Although between you and me, I’d have to say the shiny cupid is my favorite because who doesn’t love a shiny prize?” Curious for her answer I asked Rita what were her thoughts about the shinies, she stated, They are exciting!  Catching them adds extra fun and rewards you for all that hunting!
I’ve managed to collect a lot of I choo Choo Chose you cupcakes, and I keep hunting for more!” I had to confess to Rita that we do most definitely like our sweets at MadPea.

Shiny Exclusive Prize!

Rita is also an avid roleplayer so I queried if roleplaying helped in hunting.  She gave me this wonderful answer. “Sometimes in roleplay, there are quests or even stories where there are items for you to find to progress. During this hunt, I try to think like the cupids. Where would they hide? Where are the spots to keep themselves from being hunted? If you’re going to be a hunter, you need to get into character.”

When quizzing about her favorite locations, Rita told me there were a couple, starting with The Forbidden. “I really love The Forbidden.”  She continued,” When I first TPed there it took me a while to figure out where the cupids were hidden. However, I got the explore more of the sim while searching and it was tons of fun!”  Rita also mentioned RoseGarden as a favorite spot to hunt, explaining, “They’re a regular participant in these hunts, so it’s always fun to see what they’ll do next!”

When I asked if she had any wisdom for the Cupid catching masses, Rita imparted this, “Be smart! Help your fellow hunters out! That’s always the one thing that keeps me hooked with MadPea hunts, the community. We help each other out, have fun, get a little mad at the cupids sometimes, but we all have fun doing it! Remember teaming up can only mean more prizes!!”

Thank you, Rita, for being such a wonderful sport during our interview.  Look for more interviews coming in the near future!



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