MadPea’s Cupid Catastrophe is well underway with Peas snatching up Cupids all over the grid!  Our leaderboard is filling up with names both familiar and new, so the crew here at MadPea thought we’d bring you some interviews featuring some of the Peas on the hunt.

Our next hunter to meet is Marloo Red.  This interesting marsupial has made his home in Second Life for a little over seven years.  I inquired how he came to be in SL and Marloo responded, “Before I mostly went to text-based worlds.  Someone I know in two other virtual worlds asked me to visit Second Life, and I liked it enough to keep coming back.”

The last thing a cupitto sees when Marloo is on the hunt!

I also asked Marloo, why a red kangaroo? Does being one bring with it special benefits or powers? His reply was really interesting, “Red is just part of the species name.  There is also a grey kangaroo. Our only superpower is red kangaroos tend to be the tallest species.” Marloo continued with, “I was a kangaroo before coming here, so I decided to stay one to be consistent.” I also put forward the query if being a marsupial gave him an advantage in the hunt for Cupids?   Marloo rejoined with, “Being one has made it easier to get to the ones that are hidden in the bigger regions.

Changing up the questions I asked if any of the Cupids had become a favorite while on the hunt.  Marloo had a ready response to this, “Maybe the silver ones because I’m partial to the color silver.  If choosing something based only on color, I am more likely to choose that than gold.  Of the shiny prizes, he had this to say, “I have got enough I started making folders to keep track of them. My favorites are the chocolate covered strawberries and the heart lamp.”

My final request of Marloo was were there some words of wisdom for his fellow Cupid hunters out there.  He had this to say, “My advice would be to focus on whatever part interests you most. That makes everything else easier.”  Marloo continued, “People tend to think to stay in one of the top places on the high score list is my main goal, but it’s actually a side effect. I’m really more interested in finding enough cupids and points early so I won’t have too little time to hunt at the end.”

Take time to check out all the fun and amazing prizes you can earn in MadPea’s Cupid Catastrophe.  You will be glad you did!