Never Have I Ever is a game about risks, secrets, and learning to blush in a million new ways. Though traditionally a drinking game, it has always been a great way to break the ice at parties or to get know those around you better. In gatherings of two to as many as you can fit in a room without the police visiting, Never Have I Ever will show you all the bad choices people make in their personal lives!

Ever wonder if you best friend has an embarrassing childhood moment that they’ve hidden from you? Want to find out if your co-worker is a little naughty? Are there stories that you just have to share because you got that most dreaded question?

Do you dare play?


There’s only one way to find out! MadPea is participating in the Naughty or Nice event and that’s your chance for an awesome game!

In order to keep the Never Have I Ever fun and safe for all ages of Avatars, MadPea has separated the game into PG and Adult, and it is only $L249 per version! Yes, you read that right! For just a small amount, you can have a hugely fun time at your next gathering!