MadPea is celebrating the spookiness of Halloween in a big way with the Ride Or Die Coffin Go Karts! Cruise through the cold and creepy nights in a style that will scrape thrills down your spine! Whether you are Trick or Treating with friends and family, or lurking in the shadows to give visitors a scare, this amazing gacha set is the must have of the ultimate fright night!

The MadPea Ride Or Die Coffin Go Karts gacha consists of 27 Commons and 3 Rares!

Wearable, so you can take the thrills anywhere in the SL-verse, these Go Karts aren’t just a collection of spooky colors and unique design, the set also has numbered tombs, ominous start and finish signs, spooky lamp posts, old tire bumpers and squish-able pumpkins to add to the creepy atmosphere!

Yes, squish-able pumpkins!

The Count Dracukart and Frankenmobile – Rares in this spooky gacha set – have been handcrafted with love and attention of the very finest MadPea artisans, and the chilling details will bring a creepy smile to your lips! Check out this YOUTUBE video to see them in action, then hurry to the Man Cave to get yours!