It all started on a dark, and stormy night, in the brains of some brilliant game creators. How they lured from the ethereal plain such a enthralling mix of mystery, murder and adventure, we may never know, but for two years thousands of Peas have enjoyed the fruits of their mad labors. Sadly SEVEN, with all its twists and turns that have been loved by so many, is coming to a close.

Don’t panic if you haven’t started the game yet! SEVEN won’t vanish until the 1st of February! You still have time to explore, and collect all 11 achievements before its final farewell! The ever so helpful Gacha Set, with all those pieces that can really get you out of a bind in the game, is still available as well.

In fact, starting January 11th and lasting until the January 31st the SEVEN HUD will be ONLY 7L!

Remember: this game is rated adult for violence and nudity. Child avatars will not be allowed to play.

Looks innocent enough… despite the lack of cookies.

A quick stop at the offices of MadPea, Pea & Pea to grab a HUD -at 50% off until the end of January- and you’re ready to begin the popular game SEVEN! Hopefully you haven’t forgotten your umbrella and the importance of keeping an eye on your surroundings. Oops! Yes, that was a bus, and you will be feeling a world of pain when you wake up. Is your health insurance information up to date?

Once you have learned your lesson about looking both ways before crossing a parking lot in a downpour, you will find yourself in a gallery full of gorgeous paintings. Though the fabulous display of masterpieces will seem innocent enough, and it will be tempting to remain a while to study the detailed beauty in the artist’s brush strokes, any Pea with experience in MadPea gaming will know that nothing is ever what it seems!

Every painting that you climb into holds a mystery which you must solve quickly, beating the timer, or the poor unfortunate soul you are trying to rescue will die and you will be forced to start again! Remember that gacha set in the main office; the one you walked by thinking it was nothing important? You might want to head back to grab a few of those tools if you get stuck on a painting. Be careful, the helpful ones only work once and only on a specific puzzle. Use your gacha wisely!

Not sure how to return to the main office? Just click on the MadPea on your HUD any time you want to go back, and chose your destination in the drop down menu.

When you have all seven keys in hand, head for the elegant centerpiece of the gallery, and try not to scream as you figure out where each one fits in the lovely, but difficult, puzzle. No, throwing your computer out the window in frustration is not an option!

Having made it through the gates, what happens next is up to you to discover!

This game is well written and engaging, and the atmosphere will run a chill down your spine. If you haven’t bought a HUD yet, the sale –January 11th and lasting until the January 31st- is an opportunity you don’t want to pass up! If you have a HUD and haven’t started yet, what are you waiting for? SEVEN will be gone on the 1st of February! Hurry and join the adventure!