MadPea’s Terrifying Tale Trail is an amazing adventure, with treasures just waiting for you at the end.  With 35 stores taking part in this experience, there are so many goodies to gawk at that we’ve split them into four blog posts for you.

Our first treasure is from Midna.  The Blair Necklace is a ghoulish delight, with 4 blood colors and also for metal textures.  Resizable by touch, all can adorn themselves in this gory ‘jewelry’ as they wish.

Next from our vault of treasures is the cute Pumpkin Bento Face Set from PKC.  This lovely two-piece jewelry features three metal choices in a bento lip ring with a spooky pumpkin dangle.  The second item is a non-rigged septum piercing with a trio of matching jack-o-lanterns to the lip ring, also featuring the three metal texture choices.

Our third precious prize is from Candle and Cauldron.  The Mini Morose Skybox is a dreary delight, coming in at only 7 Li and materials enabled. There are two generously sized rooms and features a 22mx 14m footprint that will fit on a 512 plot of land.  Perfect for that gloomy getaway your dark heart’s desire.

[ContraptioN] is our next stop on our tour of treasures.  They crafted the eerie Hands of Servitude.  The hands are severed at the forearms which are controlled via HUD featuring 3 idles and a cycle timer.  Also included are a set of purely decorative hands to use if you wish.

Next on the docket is the amazing Skull Decor from Zombie Suicide.  These striking pieces show the enhanced geometric beauty in the linear design of each skull.  There are material options for the Skull Decor with copy/modify perms you can create a display as large or as petite as you wish.

A fantastic find awaits for you from T.L.B or The Little Bat Send shivers down everyone’s spine with these Hollow Nails!  The rigged mesh nails come in double the options of 8 bright colors mixed seasonal black or with the added option of a scary skull staring into your soul!

Virtual Kennel Club aka VKC has crafted a wickedly wonderful Halloween Haunted Pet House.  While this piece is scripted for VKC’s pets, the design and style of the house is so breathtaking, using it for decor or other pets is a no brainer, even for a zombie!

Our journey of wonderous treasures continues on with Senses, which has brought a photo opportunity to you with the Time to Play static pose and prop combo.  This set is a super creepy way to let all your friends know you are floating with excitement and ready for the scare!

Take a trip into the forest with Wilds of Organica.   The majestic Old Treant prize is a breathtaking sight.  A haunted animesh tree that moves and lets you know the spirit of Halloween is definitely among the branches.  Perfect for any forest the Old Treant is materials enabled and copy/mod with its insides copy only.

These are only SOME of the spooky prizes waiting for you at the end of the TERRIFYING TALE TRAIL.  Watch for more blogs as we dig deeper into the treasure trove and bring you more witchy riches.