MadPea’s Terrifying Tale Trail is a magical experience, with a field of dreamy items waiting for you at the end.  There are 35 stores bringing their skills to this experience.  Such an abundance of shops, in fact, we had to divide the blog posts up, so we didn’t bury you alive with all of the breathtaking delights!

Let’s start our final journey through the treasure trove of gifts with a stop at {Petite Maison}.  A beautiful wreath adorned in fall leaves and lit by led lighting, so perfect for decor at the entrance of your home or to bring the season into any room. {Petite Maison} lights up your SLife with this gift.

|T|L|C| Home Collection must have looked to the full moon for inspiration for their amazing ‘The Werewolf in You’ design.  An intricate frame of scrollwork, crowned with a cherub face, belies the terror lurking inside its glass panel.  Thank you, |T|L|C| for making us scared of the dark again!

Insanya has cast a spell with their ‘Witchy Dress’.  Designed in ten jewel-tone colors, the mini features a border embellished with magical symbols.  Insanya brings out the magical side of you.

A visit to .peaches. was in the queue next for our prize tour.  ‘Dancing Pumpkins’ in sweet soft pastels are a lovely treat to the eyes.  These beauties dance and hover, either as a group or individually.  If your dancing shoes are too worn, .peaches. has included a static version for a more calming view.

Rowanwood has crafted a tool every aspiring wizard or witch should have in their arsenal.  The ‘Practical Magic Potions Table’ is fully covered in an enchanter blanket worth of items.  Included are 3 embedded animations, for mixing, reading, and incantations.  Hold your illuminated wands aloft for Rowanwood.

Forget that rabbits foot, crate has a better solution for you.  A perfect piece of eccentric decor for your home or business, the ‘Bat Orb’ is embossed with a cute bat, who is a sign of abundance and good luck. Show that you are batty for crate with this item.

Ready to see your future?  CHEZ MOI has just the thing for their prize offering, ‘The Fortune Teller Table’.  Circular in form, draped in deep blue cloth sprinkled with moons, this gazing crystal topped table, brings a mystical air to any room.  Does this eye-catching furniture show CHEZ MOI in what lies ahead for you?

Our final stop on this adventure tour of the Terrifying Tale Trail is a visit to the item from BackBone.  ‘The Mandrake Plant’ is a must-have addition to your conservatory or garden.  From the tip of the lush leafy top to the wrinkly roots going into the pot embossed with his name, this herbage is a delight to the soul.  BackBone brings the fantastical to life.

So ends our journey of the treasure trove of prizes.  Hope to catch up with you on the Terrifying Tale Trail Soon!