As posted before, MadPea’s Terrifying Tale Trail is an amazing adventure,  with many exciting treasures waiting for you at the end.  There are 35 stores taking part in this experience.  So many stores, in fact, we have split the blog posts up so as not to overwhelm you with all of the brilliant designs!

Let us start off this post with the goodie from ANXIETY; The Babushka Chair.  Well crafted, with turned wood spindles in the backrest, this rocker features a lovely quilted throw over the edge of the chair.  Can’t you just see Norman Bates’s mother rocking away????  ANXIETY has included two versions and they come mod/copy but no transfer.

The next treasure we have to disclose is from Love.  The Apple Candle Decor Set is perfect for all your Fall and Halloween decorating. It comes with colorful scattered leaves and cored-out apples with tea lights inside.  There are also two rustic lighted signs, one that says Fall and one that says Boo.  This gorgeous set from Love is sure to brighten up any home.

Serenity Style brought us a little tongue in cheek humor with their amazing prize, the Witches Broom Parking Wall Rack! This coven sized rack, with room for the included 5 brooms, will bring that extra sparkle to any room! Be sure to heed Serenity Style’s warning, however! Witches Parking Only, All Others Will Be Toad!

Noxturnal treats us to a creative entryways with this Vampyric Door.  This impressive entrance is something out of a fairy tale or romantic novel with carved wood, iron detailing and beautiful stonework.  Noxturnal has included two versions of the door for you, one with fall leaves and one that is plain, so that the portal to your home can be decorated in your own style.

Kraftwork brings eerieness into your home with the Loves Me, Loves Me Not portrait decor.  Watch in horrified awe as the photo fades into the horrible macabre being that was lurking behind that pleasant facade.  Kraftwork has created two versions of the decor one in blue tones, one in sepia.  Coming in with a 3Li and mod/copy, these material enabled lovelies can grace any gallery wall in your home.

Next on the prize menu is Hill who has whipped up a yummy snack for us with the Soft Cinnamon Donuts: Plate and Sign.  Lovely glazed baked treats each adorned with a stick of fresh cinnamon and nestled on a metal tray.  A cute sign that will give you a smile with it’s “Do-Nut Leave without a Treat” message. Together these decor items from Hill will only cost you 2Li and a few empty calories.

Fantavatar & Moonstruck have planted the seeds of a fearsome forest with their prize for TTT.  The Pumpkin Nightmare Shrub is grown so that the image of a lost soul peers at you from between the branches.  Dangling from the branches are two carved pumpkins that can be lit or extinguished by touch.  F&M has made this item copy/mod for those who wish to populate their gardens and show off their green thumbs.

Refuge has framed up a frightful sight for us with this Mortem Picture Frame.  Decorated with a tarnished golden hue, roses, and human skull, this frame will look at home on your boudoir table or library wall.  The pictured artwork isn’t included with the frame but Refuge is certain you could dig up someone to display within the glass.

So we come to the last featured piece for this post.  MadPea has collected bit and pieces from the graveyard to bring you the Skull Fence Kit.  The minds at MadPea have created a dual gate and three other fencing components that are 2-4Li each.  Adorned with creepy skulls, these four modular fence parts allow you to create barriers of many shapes and sizes for your own haunts.

Be sure to travel the Terrifying Tale Trail before it ends on 4 November, when the prizes fly into the mists of time!