MadPea’s Terrifying Tale Trail is a fantastic adventure, with a wondrous cache of prizes waiting for you at the end.  So may stores – 35 in total – have brought their skills to this experience that we have split the blog posts up so as not to overwhelm you with all of the majestic designs!

As we start our look at this amazing treasure trove, we come upon the simply adorable item from Cinoe.  The “Pumpkin Puppette” is a Bento accessory to have hours of fun entertaining yourself or others.  The mouth moves on the Pumpkin face and includes two versions in a choice of lit or dark styles of jack o’ lantern.   Check out Cinoe for more fun items.

Let’s check out the goodie from !go!  “The Bloody Mary” dress is perfect for those days you just don’t want to be approached.  Wear it while out shopping or to the club and watch the room give you all the personal space you need.  Also amazing as part of many costume ideas, like “Evil Alice,” or ” I told you not to let me have a knife!”  Check out !go! today!

Gabriel is our next stop on the list.  This handy necklace/choker is so realistically crafted, you could almost believe that they went grave robbing to complete this design.  This unisex piece is perfect for that statement moment for any attire you’d want to draw attention to.  Check out Gabriel today to see more.

Wandering on to -Extra- we find their offering is an extraordinary group of Bento poses.  The “Toil and Trouble” Set features 4 imaginative poses with an original mesh cauldron prop as the centerpiece.  These include 3 couple and a single pose, perfect for those fantasy photoshoots.  Get some -Extra- today!

Friday brought whimsy to their gift, the “Witch’s Brew Mug.”  A stenciled front tells you exactly who’s mug this belongs to.  Perched on top is a petite witchy bonnet with a sassy striped straw poked through.  There is a display plus holdable versions in the gift for year-round fun.  Get some brew and visit Friday soon.

If you’re ready to rest a bit lets check out [Ds] and their lovely sofa.  The “Spooky Sofa” is full of chills plus comfort in its design.  Rated PG/Everyone there are 125 animations included Couple and Single sits that rez props for you.  An original mesh design, the sofa also features 8 texture changes so you can adapt this fine piece of furniture to all areas in your home.  Visit [Ds] to find more items today.

Razor has created a unique and terrifying helmet for their gift.  “The Rooster Mask” in the Decay color is a nightmarish topper for RP or just hanging out with your post-apocalyptic pals.  This includes two unrigged sizes of masks so you can fit it to your avatar as you desire.  Check out Razor for more unusual items!

As we tour on through all the astounding prizes we come next to NOIR store.  The Mad Queen Mari Necklace is 100% original mesh in design.  There are so many options, four metal textures for the chain, with ten color designs for the cat pendant.  Resizable by touch, this fancy feline neckpiece is a creepy cute addition to your jewelry case for sure.

Justice rounds up the treasures today with their “BOO! Toppers”  A plentiful pack of five colors of festive headbands that tell others how you feel about the holiday season with a spooky greeting.  Perfect for this season or just one of those days when you feel like BOO to all things.  Visit Justice to see their collection.

We have one more trip to take through the gifts of the Terrifying Tale Trail.  Watch our notices for more!