The madness was abundant, with fun all around at the 1st Annual MadPea Mini Golf Tourney of ChamPea-ions!


We recently had the FIRST of many new events to be had for all Peas to enjoy in Mad City.  We had two great rounds of mini golf on May 2nd and May 3rd playing on the creatively themed holes from the MadPea Summer Mini Golf available now at Epiphany and soon in the MadPea mainstore location.



A fabulous time was had by all both tee times with lots of laughs and team spirit all around.  Each participant received a memento prize and the top three players each round were awarded gold, silver, and bronzed golf clubs.


Sangi Phaeton, the new Event Planner for MadPea and Blush Topaz, MadPea CSR extraordinaire were there to assist the players and keep score.  Even MadPea showed up bluster about and add to the fun.

Our first round of play was May the 2nd with 9 players ready to tee off and show us their putts.



Participants in the first round of play, were Alisa and Mickeyw Farshire, Starbright Wonder, OctaviaRayne, kcopelan, Raeanna Rhode, JessikaDawn, Romy Writer,  and blackwillowbaby.  Our winners for this Tee time were Marissa (kcopelan) coming in 1st, Romy Writer a close 2nd, and Raeanna Rhoade in our 3rd place spot.


During the second tee time, golfers stepping up to the tee were Muse Monigal, Jesse Drathman, and Kaboogie Snoodle.  Our winners were Kaboogie showing in at 1st spot, Jesse in landing in the middle at 2nd, with  Muse rounding out the trio in the 3rd spot.

Keep watching for more events, pop-up games, and excitement from MadPea!