We can all agree, can’t we, that the best part of our large grid wide hunts is discovering new places? It’s the first answer we always get when asking participants of any variety. And of course that’s because of all the online games and attractions, Second Life is one of the single most beautiful virtual environments out there. Not only that but the ability to create is second to none – and all of that put together makes magic, beautiful, sparkly, perfect magic. 

I found a little bit of that magic today at a sim called Malaika Park right here at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Malaika%20Park/131/92/30. At first glance I might have been in Italy, or some unique dreamed up variation of it with water lapping languid at the boat lined docks and a cobbled road that took you up the hill lined in colorful houses and lined with trees. 

It was all at once inviting and enticing, as though the spirit of the sim whispered over your shoulder “come… be welcome… explore.. Experience…” as your fingers itched to take out your camera and capture the moments laid out for you like a feast. The land covenant encourages visitors to explore and use the sim for backdrops to photos and videos. I love finding this kind of generosity of space in Second Life, particularly when it is so skillfully paired with something so beautiful that just begs to be explored. 

Stroll along the private beach and dip your feet into the inviting water, discover all of the quiet little places dotted around the sim… a cafe, a hidden plaza, a gazebo overlooking the ocean, a farmhouse filled with art and all the many odes to the artistic placed throughout the sim adding to the tailored whimsy it promotes. Malaika Park is an absolute treasure and another discovery I plan to return to as often as I can. It is the embodiment of what we strive to showcase when we bring our large grid wide hunts to Second Life; Discovery and Celebration! 

Grab your fishing poles, your camera, slip on something summery and sweet and do yourself a favor and discover this sim for yourself. Leave your lines in the water and take some time to just walk around and enjoy everything they have to offer!

Discover Malaika Park and other amazing locations during our Mad Summer ’19 Fishing Tournament. START HERE!