Nestled in between two other stores looking rather inconspicuous is one of the greatest discoveries in Second Life.  The White Widow is one of those rare finds that will have you running to tell your friends all about it.  The store itself with it’s simple yet elegant design promises that the contents contained within will be of high quality… and of course, they are!


I was lucky enough to be able to meet up with the store’s owner, Julie Hastings.   When asked why she decided to make tattoos in Second Life she responded, “My rl job is artistic, may be that’s why i wanted to create something in SL. I’ve choose tattoos because i thought the body was a good place to draw on it”   Well, I think she made an excellent choice!  Her tattoos are amazing, beautiful, intricate and very artistic.


When asked which was her favorite she responded that Whiplash (as pictured above) had the most sentimental value.  This design was in her first store and has come with her to the current store.   Julie states that she’s often inspired by lingerie and natural body curves.  You can sure see that in this example!  Many of her tattoos follow themes such as ethnic designs, animals and holidays.  However, she says she also very much enjoys creating purely abstract patterns.

Many White Widow tattoos can be used by both women and men which is a definate plus!  And almost all are mesh body compatible for a wide variety of mesh bodies.


What definitely excited me was that she has a whole line of gorgeous makeup.  Seems there is something to satisfy everybody contained within the White Widow.


Julie states that she has been a long time player and admirer of MadPea games.  She admits that from the beginning of her shop she has wanted to be a MadPea designer.  So it was an easy fit when she was asked to design a prize for The Lost Treasure of The Inca Warrior.  Her offering is truly amazing and one of the great rewards for surviving the dangers and finding the treasure.  We are so glad that the White Widow agreed to join up and become one of our designers!  Just look at what she created!


The White Widow, bringing beauty to the human body via sophisticated and detailed design!

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