We adore Kalopsia and its owner, Isabeau Baragula. We really do! But we get the distinct impression that she has committed a massive misnomer. “Kalopsia,” as popularized by song of the same title, is a noun meaning “a condition wherein things appear more beautiful than they are.” Call us overconfident, but there is no delusion to be had, we say. We are 1,000% sure that the many things perceived at Kalopsia as beautiful are actually beautiful!

Started on exactly January 1st, 2014, Isa’s store carried only kids’ items. But listening to her own long-standing desire to make furniture, she decided to give it a try and, as they say, “the rest is history”! Since then, residents have been blessed with some of the most realistic, versatile and meticulously-made decor items Second Life has to offer.

From fantasy…


…to shabby…


…to plain spooky…


Kalopsia truly has it all!

And for this wide range of goodies, we have her high observation, appreciation for friends’ needs and a quirky creation process to thank!

Pre-building Building

When Isa decides to create, whether for her store or for an event, the labor of building her desired product happens within her mind first, before she considers opening her 3D-modeling software of choice, Blender. Painstakingly, the winding vines or the rounded stones are placed until all pieces have made up the product she wishes to bring to life. Then, she brings it to life!

For example, when asked to name her favorite Kalopsia creation, if any, Isa named “Aimee’s Chair,” seen below:


“I like to try and see how I would build an object first to see if it’s doable. For this chair, I kinda knew how I would process,” going on to state that she prefers to first truly understand the completed project before committing to creating it.

But how does she get to this “pre-building building” stage in the first, place, you ask?

She’s Listening

“People around me help me to find ideas, more like what they are missing in SL or what they would like to see be done,” she answered when asked about her sources of inspiration. She also notices and listens out for those things she might lack in real life, such as a certain type of chair or shelf. Then, she starts up Blender in the wild venture of bringing it into SL-being.

Her stunning “Inca” prize, “Remants of Qosqo,” came about after she, in her words, “cried a lot and bugged all my friends for an idea.” As you can see, her friends’ suggestions and her awesome mesh-making skills converged to deliver one stellar set for “Inca”!


If you want your own Remnant set, along with 14 other stellar prizes, you’ll need only battle your way through tough terrains, baffling puzzles and

[literally] killer creatures first! And you’ll have to do it FAST; “The Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior” ends on November 2nd!

Learn more about both Kalopsia and “Inca”: