Slogging through dark caves, humid swamps and perilous pits is a nasty business.  A Pea needs to be perfectly prepared to face every danger head-on, otherwise they will be an ex-Pea quicker than you can say Quetzalcoatl.  So to be ready for anything that the Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior throws at you, you need to be armed to the teeth, have plenty of cookies in your backpack and be stylishly dressed in the very latest adventurer-fashion.  After all, you can’t focus on dodging giant spiders with trousers riding up your Panama Canal, can you?

AdventurersOutfit 1500

Fortunately for our intrepid Peas, Lucious Lyon – owner/designer of Legal Insanity – came to the rescue with the gorgeous outfits above, and I went along to check out his store.


Legal Insanity specialises in quality mesh fashion for men and women.  Once through the front door, women’s’ fashion is on the left and men’s’ is on the right – easy!  Unusually, the range for men is at least as good as the women’s selection, and I noted quite a few fashion ‘essentials’ such as jeans and t-shirts in a great selection of styles.  Luscious appears to have thought of everything a man needs, including underwear, accessories and even a range of mesh kilts!


Legal Insanity’s clothing for women is just as comprehensive.  The style is sexy and sassy, and of uncompromising quality.  There were some curtained-off areas when I visited the store so it’s clear that work is currently being done reorganising the displays, but I found the products well laid out and easy to browse.


Not only did our collaboration with Legal Insanity result in the fabulous outfits all our participants received with their game hunt, but Lucious even produced a fabulous game prize for all our deserving winners.  This was the amazing bullet tags necklace pictured below.  Suitable for male and female adventurers, it’s a must for any jungle trip.  After all, how else will they identify your remains….?

finalprizereveal legalinsanity


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