Meet the Prize Designers – Lilith’s Den

You land at Lilith’s Den, thinking “Oh okay, cool. I bet there’s some interesting stuff in here. Let’s shop!” But then, upon venturing deeper into the mainstore, one might think she or he has stumbled upon a new and undisclosed quest within the “Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior” game. Indeed, one part of the store is introduced by an actual cave!


Although you are indeed a very special Pea, I’m afraid that you have not discovered an Inca quest that is all your own. Even better, you’ve discovered a seven-year-old shop bursting at the seams with historical and fantasy elements, in the forms of accessories, clothes and decor! One trip to Lilith’s Den and it becomes apparent that its owner, Alrunia Ahn (henceforth Runa) has a deep appreciation for and love of mythology and history. If the words “Celtic,” “Nordic” and/or “magic” make your blood boil, and in a good way, then you should be breaking down the proverbial doors at Lilith’s Den! There are beautiful standing stones, engraved with runes. There are Celtic crosses, proudly standing right across from those stones. Yggdrasil, a mythical tree in Norse cosmology, is there even!

And if it’s a bit of magic that you seek, try on her new spirit avatar, which she named as her absolute favorite Lilith’s Den item!


Her aforementioned deference to mythology shines in even the store’s name. “Lilith,” as I learned during the interview, came before Eve, the woman we’ve come to know as the wife of Adam. Lilith was rebellious and not easily controlled by Adam; thus, she was defeated and replaced with a wife fashioned from his rib, in the hopes that she would be less strong-willed and more pleasing to Adam. We don’t want to ruin the story for you, but… let’s just say, things didn’t quite work out! But we digress…

“It was like going into my personal ‘Lilith’s Den’ to speak metaphorically… to allow me to break out of the usual and do… the different.” Thus was born the name she’d give to her brand!



Asked to elaborate on her store’s description, “All you don’t need, from creepy to silly,” Runa lists some of her more memorable creations, such as “dark music box books,” “oracles that give random answers” and her “wisp avatars” that are “absolutely stunning in their movements and amazing in their colors.”



Considering her stock, it is probably no wonder that we approached Runa when considering vendors for “Inca.” And, as it turns out, our intuition was dead on! She notes that, although she usually signs up for events and THEN wait to happen upon the right trigger for her eventual creation, “for the Inca warrior, there was no doubt. I knew it instantly.” Coincidentally enough, an old school assignment introduced her to the “laaaaarge (her emphasis had to be reserved!) ear plugs” Incas wore and about which she was “immensely impressed.”


We at MadPea are very thankful to that school assignment!


BOTTOM LINE: When you step foot into Lilith’s Den, be prepared to learn constantly. There are lessons in the very name of the store, in its creations and even explicitly in notecards around the store. Not only did this Pea learn that she could no longer live her SLife without Runa’s 25L Bone Chair, she also learned about “Celtic Head Cults.”

Have yourself a SLurl to the mainstore; shop and learn in one trip!


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