My Great Aunt Min was a formidible woman – briskly moustached, violet scented and built like a battleship – who frightened the life out of me as a child.  She grew up in Edwardian times and would have been perfectly at home in Never Totally Dead, Silex Zapedzki and BlueSean Yiyuan’s vintage furnishing and curiosity shop.  Aunty Min was very much in my thoughts as I had a look around, but despite all the cobwebs it seems like Silex and Sean have a very modern attitude to designing and creating beautiful items.


Never Totally Dead is an established and valued collaborator with MadPeas, having contributed brilliant and imaginative prizes to several past games.  This time they have outdone themselves with the wonderful gates pictured below.  You can win yourself these gates by completing the Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior and I’m sure you will agree they are worth every painful death along the way.


Never Totally Dead opened in the summer of 2011, and Silex explained to me how it came about.  “BlueSean Yiyuan and I had been building separately before we met. We quickly discovered we had complementary skills, Sean for textures and me for architecture modeling.”  Silex continued “Our first common project, A Haunted Manor, was, to our surprise, an instant hit when we decided to sell it. This was an encouragement to build haunted items to put inside. Then it was on the SL Destination guide within a few days!”  After that Silex told me that they decided to focus on old buildings (whether haunted or not), rather than his preference of historical French architecture or Sean’s preference for a more derelict style.


As well as the builds, Never Totally Dead sells a wide range of vintage furniture and home accessories, many beautifully scripted to scare.  Pictures move, ghosts haunt the store and there is even a creepy secret room to discover.  Every item is beautifully conceived and intricately detailed.

I asked Silex where the ideas came from.  He told me “I think our ideas just come from what we like in real life. We do best when we work on something we like, it is as simple as that! I have a passion for French classical architecture and furniture style and I just do not have enough time to create in SL everything I can think of!”


Never Totally Dead has been collaborating with MadPeas for some years now and I asked how this came about.  “We started to work with MadPea after Sean accidentally met

[Queen Pea] Kiana and talked about Hackberry Hall, which Kiana had bought for a MadPea game.  Shortly after, Kiana asked us if we would agree to build a hotel for them, and we created the Silent Peacock in just one month (this is very fast for us!). Subsequently we also built a large part of the first Mad City.”  But what does Silex like about working with MadPeas?  “MadPea creates adventures for residents and working with MadPea has also been quite an adventure in itself !  It feels great to be able to participate in activities with MadPea that represent some of the best you can find in SL.”



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