Tapetenwechsel. (Ta.pe.ten.wech.sel)(n): change of scenery.

This is the new word that Sway’s creator and native German speaker, Sway Dench, taught me a few days ago. It’s not the first time I’ve spoken with Ms. Dench, and every time I do, I learn something new! So it was my pleasure to take advantage of my very own Tapetenweschsel, visit her wonderfully packed store and speak with her to learn a few new things about the store and the one-woman show behind it!

Chaos Suits Her

With a laugh, Sway relayed that “chaos” is not exactly the word she means when she lists what often gives her inspiration. Although it is true that the word may have negative connotations, we know exactly what she means! And she even elaborated, in case we were about to give her the shifty eyes and ask, “Chaos? How Sway? HOW?”

“The worst thing is when there’s a white room,” she says. Give her DVDs on the floor, or a chair with a jacket on its back and blanket in its seat, and she may have just happened upon an idea for a store or event release!

However, she says an all-inclusive setting or mind doesn’t always suit her. When going to create, the mesh itself, colors and textures all swirl about in her head. But when, for example, inspiration for a new item or a new event invitation enters the picture, it can mean either more commotion or some difficulty shifting such strong focus to a new product. Though, it seems that Sway has always managed to come out on top and bring something amazing to SLife, with such products as these:



Providing Outward

Sway’s was started in late 2007 under the name “Sway’s Creations.” People would often shorten it to “Sway’s,” so its owner followed suit, and here we are! However, that wasn’t the only way others played a part in the creation of “Sway’s.”

On her residential parcel, Sway had created all sorts of decor for herself; if she wanted a bench, then by golly, she made one! Pretty soon, after fulfilling her needs as they arose, neighbors would often inquire as to where they could get some of these items. She received enough inquiries that the store – with its extensive and colorful inventory – was warranted and created! And actually, some of those items that were now available to impressed neighbors back in 2007 are still available in her store, such as The Cookie Bears!

When asked about her favorite Sway’s product, she named her advent calendar as the one. Active every single year since the store’s first year, 2016’s calendar will be the 10th! From December 1st until December 24th, Sway’s has and will provide a new gift to its customers through their interaction with the calendar. As with the needs voiced by her neighbors, Sway explains that she simply “loves giving back to the community.”


This snow family patiently awaits Sway’s yearly advent calendar, coming December 2016!


Sway Dench Has a Sense of Humor

When she wasn’t laughing at my awful attempts at speaking German,  Sway often showed her own humorous side, mostly inadvertently!

Occasionally, Sway made jewelry and other tiny parts. She still does from time to time, when the mood for it strikes. But she is absolutely certain that, in her frenzied, chaotic doling out of mesh beauties, she’s left some of those tiny pieces on the land! So many, in fact, that “I wanted to have a hunt,” where you – the customers – would search for those prims and “win a prize.”

Speaking of a search, I have it on good authority that one of her famous Cookie Bears, for which she dedicates an entire building, is missing an invisible prim – one that makes sound – for his or her bike. Sway says it’s somewhere on the sim. These Cookie Bears, though seemingly contented, are distraught over their bell-sound prim.


“Smiling to mask the pain of our missing invisiprim!”

If you yourself try to solve the “Mystery of the Ringing Bell Prim,” at least you’ll be searching in this kind of environment!


When asked how she picked her SL name, we reflected on our differing last names – Resident (mine) and Dench (hers). She made me promise not to reveal her thoughts on the former, but let’s just say she is THRILLED she could pick her own! Promise upheld, Sway!


Sway’s “Inca” Prize

Even the manner in which she came up with her Inca prize is indicative of her humor

[and modesty]. She’d found the idea for the mask by doing some online research; she then crafted something similar to what she’d found. As for the matching benches, there was no research and no A-ha! moment. She simply couldn’t stand how much empty space she noticed upon making the vendor ad for the mask alone.

Though we think the mask is stellar, we can’t say we are terribly opposed to the adorable stools she added to the set either!


“Inca” closes in only FOUR days, so if you find this set from Sway’s, or any of the other 14 prizes, to be irresistible, you don’t have very long to solve all the puzzles or fight your way through the precarious terrain and creatures to reach them! Drop by the MadPea mainstore, the game starting point or any prize vendor’s stores to get yourself a HUD and start your journey to and through the “Devil’s Cave”!

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