One of the fastest ways to overhaul an avatar in SL is to change your skin, and few places enable a person to ring the changes as beautifully as The Skinnery.  Umazuma Metaluna’s store offers a beautiful range of realistic and unique female skins, shapes, eyes, makeup and all kinds of appliers for bodies and mesh heads.  So when Uma offered to design a prize for our newest game, Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior, we were all very excited.


The Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior is Uma’s first collaboration with MadPeas and she described how she was super excited to get involved.  She told me how much she loves the stories involved in the interactive games that MadPeas offer, and for a designer it’s so much more interesting and challenging than a simple shopping event collaboration.   And Uma should know – she regularly gets involved in high-profile shopping events such as Collabor88 and We Love Role-Play – so it’s wonderful that she found time to work with us.

I asked Uma how her design journey started, and she explained that she has an artistic background in RL, painting in oils and watercolours.  She joined Second Life and, after about a year, wanted to get involved in something creative.  Pushed by a couple of friends and knowing little about Photoshop or graphic design at that time, she started down the successful path she is on today.  “I love challenges so it was a long and fun learning process to be able to join the amazing creative community and grow a business in Second Life!”


Uma has always focused on skins and make-up.  She told me “I was always fascinated with people’s portraits and recreating personality traits, so that was a no-brainer!  I get my inspiration on Pinterest and fashion blogs, and I also find myself staring at people on the street sometimes thinking ‘omg! that nose or mouth is soo cute! I’d like to be able to make it on a skin!’

Uma is now keen to learn more skills, as well as “giving my best to the community here and never losing the excitement of working on a new project.”  I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.


Uma’s attention to detail and willingness to take on new challenges is evident in the themed skin she has provided as a prize for our game ‘Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior’.  Taking inspiration from the exotic and elusive jaguar of the South American continent, she has produced a beautifully detailed jaguar warrior skin, perfect for costumes, themed events or simply hanging out at your local jungle undisturbed!  Thank you, Uma!

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