There has been a new, and incredible, development at Mad City: all over the store there are little symbols in the corners of most vendors that indicate the wonderful games, rides, furniture and more can be bought using MadPoints! It’s true; MadPoints can used to buy ANYTHING from the MadPea Main Store (excluding gift cards, Game HUDs and gachas).

That means those points you have won, bought or vigilantly hunted from the Premium’s gold bar or Pea’s diamond can be used to get that special MadPea item you have been wanting! To make things even better, the MadPea Mad Summer ’19 Fishing Tournament – the seasonal grid-wide hunt that will run from July 15th until September 15th – will give you the chance to collect MadPoints!

Do you pick Dare?

Interactive Social Games are perfect for parties, get togethers or just a night chilling with fun and entertaining people! Use your MadPoints to buy one, or many, and discover more about your friends than you ever thought you could!

MadChat is at great way to liven up any gathering of friends and family!

Board Games, single games and so many fun ways to play in SL can now be yours with MadPoints! Just look for the MadPoint symbol at the vendors!

Test your memory?

MadPoint purchases aren’t limited to the Interactive Social Games! You can use MadPoints to purchase Skateboards, Kickboards, and all kinds of MadPea rides to zoom around the SL-verse!

Party at the Skate Park

Feel like a race across the waves, or doing tricks in the skate park? Gather as many MadPoints as you can and head to Mad City to pick out your new recreational vehicle!

Time to curl some waves!

Need to spruce up the place for those thrilling spooky events, or maybe just feel like tossing around a few chainsaws? MadPoints can be used for your chilling decorating needs!

Is it Halloween Yet?

How does your garden grow? You can find the awesome MadPoints symbol on so many Home and Garden items! Don’t forget to pick up your fun and beautiful Interactive Pea Plant!

Love those Signs!

Need some balloons or party decorations? What about some nice spring, summer or nonseasonal furniture? You can buy all that and more with MadPoints!

Party time!

Decor, toys, typers and so much more are available now for MadPoint purchase as well as Linden! How many amazing things can you buy using the MadPoints you collect from the MadPea Mad Summer ’19 Fishing Tournament?

All this and so much more!

There are so many things that can bought with MadPoints and so much fun waiting to be had! Grab a ride from the links below and have a blast picking up your new Interactive Fun at Mad City!

In all the excitement of MadPoints, don’t forget about the fun that can be had at Mad World! There are games that can be played for Achievements, quests that will probably drive you Mad, Wheels that can give you prizes or Achievements and so much more!