Wow! What a few weeks it’s been! We all hope you guys had a blast with our MadPea Monster Hunt! By now they’ve all been rounded up, wrangled in and carted away in those cute backpacks – but what a wild ride it was! I was able to pull a few of our Hunters aside to see how they got on with everything. Let’s take a look at what they had to say.

Davec Horsforth, one of our long time Peas, really enjoyed our monster theme this year. Below we can see him trying to choose which vehicle to ride around in. “I couldn’t settle on just one, so I bought the Giant Spider and Giant Bat…” – We feel you Davec, it’s hard just to pick one! But what about those Monsters? “My favorite monster has to be the Snorkleblatz because the little dance and sounds are like they are saying “just try and get me”.  That made me laugh so many times. Also, I have to favor the Gnasher because it has some elements of a creature that I don’t want to run into in my dreams.”  Unless you’re a fan of nightmares!

Photo courtesy of Davec Horsforth – Just look at those cars!

Romy Writer took a pause to have a little chat next. I asked her what  her favorite part of the hunt was.  “I have always been an explorer in Second Life, the Madpea hunts really take exploration in Second Life to a new level. Absolutely my favorite part about the hunt is finding new places to come back to and see that I otherwise would have never know about.”  That’s amazing Romy – we love that too!! What were some of your favorite places? “Choosing a favorite region or sim seems pretty impossible. Even choosing a favorite from various themes is difficult. There have been so many great regions participating in the hunt. If I had to choose only one, at this moment the one that sticks out the most is Montfort l’Amaury on Ashbury Cove, which is an 18th century setting; it is so beautiful and well done.“

Photo Courtesy of Romy Writer – Gettin those monsters!

Naynay Domenici was next on my list. What was her favorite monster of the hunt? “ I personally liked the collaborator’s Gnarlings . Their glowing eyes, evil look and the way they would snarl and jump out at you. It fit the time of year so well. However, they were all pretty awesome and I couldn’t help giggling at the sounds they would make!” Thanks Naynay, we loved them too! But what is your favorite part of the hunt overall? “I love how the hunt works, I love that you have to not only find the items, but that they are in a way alive and you have the feeling of capturing them with some kind of weapon. That made the hunt fun, even if you didn’t want the prizes.  That, and having a leader board always helps keep the competition going.”

Then I had just enough time to catch Suh Oh ….

Photo courtesy of Suh Oh – Just hanging around

She loved the rustic barn prize the most out of them all – a fan of the rustic houses in general. Of course all of our hunts are filled with so many amazing prizes and goodies, it really is hard just to settle on one!

Silverdown Seetan braved some pretty scary places! On her favorite monster “I really liked the Eggers because they always do back-flips when they see you as if they are expressing “you found me!”” And she really loved the Monster Maker too. Below we can see her hunting – but look out! There’s something behind you!

Kryptic Corleone was the last, but not least, Pea we spoke to. We can see him below chilling out and taking a break before getting back on that hunt horse again. His favorite monster was the Nibbler. He was also really impressed with the prizes, particularly the awesome set by Varonis – and who could blame him? We love those prizes!

Photo courtesy of Kryptic Corleone – Just chillin like an undead monster villain!

Really no matter what you like, the exploration of the Second Life Grid, the fun hunt mechanisms uniquely crafted for each hunt, the amazing prizes you can showcase for years to come, the fun with friends, the leader board points or just catching all those critters – there is something for everyone in MadPea’s Hunts – and no matter what there is ALWAYS more to come. After all… Christmas is just around the corner…  Stay tuned!