Hey guys. Did you know we really, really, reeaalllly like games?  Almost everything we do revolves around some kind of game play, and NOW they are all half price! I KNOW RIGHT!?! From midday Feb. 22 to midday Feb 24, ALL of our games are 50% off! We have big games, little games, games you can play at home by yourself, games you can play with your friends – there are a lot of choices! Sometimes choices can be overwhelming so we’ve taken a hot minute to give you all a rundown of just exactly what we have so you can get your “game” plan ready!

Big HUD Games

Let’s start with our big HUD games – those that whisk you away on an adventure which completely transforms Second Life. Using the included HUD and Experience systems you are immersed in a different world with mysteries and puzzles and sometimes the fate of the universe as we know it hangs in the balance.

Spellbound: Welcome to the Spellbound Academy of Sorcery, where it’s up to you to figure out what darkness is lurking. You enter the game as a first year student of the academy that teaches the fundamentals of sorcery using the four elements earth, fire, water and air. But all is what it seems and you will have to use everything you’ve been taught to figure out what’s wrong. Learn spells, hunt down clues and solve puzzles as the story progresses and in the end earn achievements and prizes!

Nightmare in New Orleans: This game takes you away – way down south to the Big Easy. Something nefarious is afoot as you play the sibling of a reporter gone missing and follow the clues to find what happened. Along with the puzzles to solve, there is also some combat simulations where you have to fight to survive your way out as you are whisked from one thrilling scene to the next.

The Tower: A game that takes you from one locked room to another as you struggle to remember who you are, where you are and how you got there all before it’s too late!  This game uses classic strategic escape room gameplay where you have to figure out the hidden secrets of each room in order to escape and go to the next.

Take Home Games

Did you know that we have games that you can take and place on your own land or anywhere that allows you to rez prims? How cool is that?! Land impact varies and each game offers it’s own set of unique challenges to escape the room on time.

Escape Room – The Bunker: This is the first of our take away escape rooms and full of suspense and mystery. One day you stumble across an old bunker and have a peek inside and what you find chills you to the bone!  But just as you turn to leave, the door shuts and locks in place and you only have a short time to escape before the unspeakable will undoubtedly happen.  Can you escape?

Escape Room – The Cabin: The second installment of our takeaway escape rooms, The Cabin is a frightening, pulse racing romp as you have to search an old, isolated cabin for a way out before time runs out.

Mystery Case – Journalist Edition: This is our first Mystery Case game and centers around a mysterious briefcase you find abandoned on the sidewalk one day. It’s tricky to get open but once you do you find the contents belonged to a field journalist that has gone missing. It’s up to you to finish what they started and uncover the truths they were working to expose.

Mystery Case Vol 2

Mystery Case – Collectors Edition: This time our Mystery Case turns towards the mystical side as you find a case filled with strange and unworldly objects. Once again you will be able to examine each one and discover the clues hidden within to uncover the mysteries surrounding the crate. Oh and did I mention that all of these come with their own Achievements and prizes?! Of course they do.

Social Games


Other versions of our take away games are our famous social games! These games are intended to be played with crowds or a few good friends. While they don’t come with prizes or achievements, they are hours of fun entertainment for you and your pals.

Mad Chat: Each set comes in a cute set of cards that you might see at any game night and has their own theme and with six sets to choose from there is an option for every occasion.  Players take turns touching the box to get a question to answer about themselves. These are great conversation starters and ways to learn more about your pals.

Never Have I Ever: This popular social game comes in Classic and Adult versions so you can play in a family friendly environment or get a little more personal and racy depending on your preference. Once again players take turns touching the cards that will offer them a Never Have I Ever statement that you’ll have to guess is true or false!

Truth or Dare: Of course we have Truth or Dare! Again there are two versions, a standard version and an adult version for those who want to be a little more ‘daring’. Plop this stylish little pile of cards down in a crowd of people and let the fun begin! What will you say! What will you do? You’ll have to play to find out!


Kiss, Marry, Kill:  In this game you go around and are given a list of three names with every turn. Then you have to confess to the group which of the three people you would Kiss, Marry and Kill. Fun, daring and gruesome all at once – what’s not to love?

Good Pea Vs. Bad Pea: Are you a Good Pea? Or a Bad Pea? What do your friends think? Find out with this hilarious game that will uncover what your pals really think about you!

Other Games

But wait! There’s more! That’s right folks – MORE. GAMES. We have a plethora of games that you can take home and share with your friends. The outcome of these games change every time you play and are fully interactive.

Bunny Bop Game: An arcade classic where you bop the bunnies as they pop up out of their holes! How many bunnies can you bop in 60 seconds?

Because who doesn’t love bopping small animals on the head?

Game of the Goose: This is one of my favorites, a fully realized, 3D boardgame that is perfect for any rainy afternoon.

I call the shoe! Erm.. I mean Blue!

Spirit Board: No dusty attic is complete without one. Use this board to contact the spirits and frighten your friends. Fully functional and interactive it offers hours of entertainment.

Enter the realm of the spirits!

Zombie Hunter: Another arcade classic reminiscent of duck hunter, in this game you and your friends take turns shooting zombies as they shamble by. How many will you be able to hit?

Bang Bang Bang

Magical Toy Matching, Halloween Monster Matching and Mad Easter Match: Are all themed versions of our favorite matching memory game. Sometimes you just want to chill and play something that exercise that brilliant mind of yours. These are perfect for just that!

Don’t Kill Bill Game XL: This is our life size version of Hangman. Guess the word or phrase before Bill gets killed! We also have a tabletop version that’s much smaller. Don’t Kill Bill! So you can play in small spaces too!

Or this one.

Tarot Set: A beautifully rendered traditional set of cards that is fully functional and offers real and accurate readings with 6 different spreads to choose from. Take a glimpse into your future and gain a deeper understanding of what’s in store with your very own Tarot Deck

Love Dice: This is another crowd pleaser that comes in PG and Adult versions. Roll the dice and brace yourself for a very romantic – or very awkward encounter! Either way it’s bound to bring giggles and maybe even a blush to everyone’s cheeks!

Ooh la la. I can’t wait to caress your ear…

Chromosphere: Is a floating light up sphere that plays like simon says. Use your mad memory skills to follow the light pattern and repeat it as it grows longer and longer!

Halloween Trivia: A spectacularly spooky set of cards that is a great addition to any Halloween party – or just any spooky themed party or non-party (You do you Boo Boo).

4 in a Row: Because who doesn’t love a life size game that involves sliding disc chips down a big blue game base? Be the first to get four disks in a row to win this game!

It’s like if checkers was really basketball.

Monster Sweeper: Our personal rendition of the classic game minesweeper, this version showcases our beloved monsters from the past Monster Hunt. This one is another classic that will never go out of style and offers hours of fun and entertainment.

This one takes some thinkin!

So there you go folks! Was I right or what? There are A LOT of games to choose from. But when they’re all 50% off – the choices are a little easier to make. Just get all of them! But don’t wait, this sale only lasts until the 24th of February! A friendly reminder that premium discounts do not include sale items. This sale is 50% Off for Everyone! Woo!