Our Sinister Slaughters game leads you through a series of brutal murders  – and you have to catch the killer.  Throughout the game you meet characters who provide help, but is there more to them that meets the eye?

Read on, as one of them may be hiding a secret that leads to an extra prize!

Can you find the clue?

Poker night at Jacob’s house

The monthly poker game had become a tradition.  Maybe too much of a tradition, Jacob Mortensen reflected sourly.  His friends could sure drink but, he supposed, in their line of work they had good reason.  They were due round any minute and all he had left to finish up was setting out the chairs.

Each month the guys met to drink, bitch, and play a few hands.  They used to take in turns to host but, being in the field, Abi and Whitey mainly lived out of cheap hotels and Alan… well, He had his own issues and no one wanted to push him at the moment.

Since the investigation now ran to five families, Abi Morgan was helping out in Wichita.  Posing as a beat cop, she was keeping an eye on the House while trying to figure out the link between the murders.  She didn’t much like flying back and forth to ‘Hicksville’, as she called it, but Whitey’s mind was made up.  Supposedly, Agent White was in charge, but the team worked together with an ease born out of long association.

The oldest of Jacob’s friends was Alan Weiss.  He was a genius with forensics and often provided the team with valuable clues but recently his fiercely scientific mind had seemed somewhat subdued.  Hardly a surprise, Jacob guessed, since the tragic and senseless loss of Alan’s wife to cancer six months ago.

Jacob Mortensen – MBI Mortician

Abigail Morgan – MBI Field Agent










The cards were dealt, the beers opened and conversation turned, as it often did, to the grim details of the current case.  “I’m telling you”, Abi continued after a long swig of beer, “This case is all wrong.  It feels wrong, yanno?”  Whitey ran his fingers through his hair.  “Just because we don’t understand it yet…” he began.  “No, it’s not that” Abi interrupted “I’ve dealt with murders before, but this case just gives me the heebie-jeebies!”

Unfortunately, this was usually the cue for the lecture from Al.  A scientist all his life, he usually had no time for anything that wasn’t well within the realms of human comprehension, and made this view known loudly to anyone unlucky enough to start him off.  Jacob braced for him to start on Abi and her disquieting thoughts.

But tonight, Al was strangely quiet.  After a tense pause he set his cards down on the table.  “Maybe you are right, Abi”, he admitted to his surprised friends.  “But I thought you said that hocus pocus stuff was rubbish, Al?” Jacob asked.  Alan refused to meet anyone’s eye.  “All I’m saying is that maybe science doesn’t have all the answers.  And maybe we are all in far more danger than we know?”  Jacob exchanged glances with Whitey, their concern now obvious.

Exactly what do you mean by ‘danger’, Al?”  Whitey asked carefully.  “I can’t put it in to words” Al muttered, starting to feel self-conscious “but I think we should be careful how we investigate this case.”  “Well I for one am looking forward to it all being over” Abi nodded firmly, cutting through the tension in the room.  “And I’m going to take a good long vacation afterwards – and NOT in Kansas!”

Agent ‘Whitey’ White – MBI Case Supervisor

Alan Weiss – MBI Forensic Scientist










So have YOU finished Sinister Slaughters?  Was Alan right to be worried?

Did you spot the clue, hidden above?  If so, go and find your extra prize in-game, and well done!

(You will need a Sinister Slaughters HUD to access the game, details of how to purchase one are given below)


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