Sinister Slaughters: Reactions from our VIPs

Something Sinister is afoot, and our VIPs found out exactly what ominous things lay in wait for them last Friday on the VIP opening day.

I had a chance to stalk, I mean follow… some of our VIP players to try to get some inside scoop as to what makes the Sinister Slaughters game so fabulous. If you haven’t played yet, maybe these VIP’s points of view will give you that extra little push to see just why you should!

Threshin Barnett, a long time MadPea gamer but first time VIP, was definitely a huge fan of the game! “I was caught up in the environments and storyline, really losing track of the passing of time. The flow of theme from house to house was smooth and very subtle.”

“I thought the game was captivating!”

It IS quite easy to lose yourself in an immersive game like this and even I can confirm this, because when I was testing the game and then about 6 hours later looked at the clock and thought “Did I even eat dinner today?!?”

Threshin had a lot of fun playing and during the 24 hour VIP period she was very vocal with theories and ideas of what she thought was going on. “I saw a pattern with the phases of the moon at each location, there was also the recurring theme of designing (fashion or interior), as well as the random drugs/alcohol. But what really threw me, because you guys are so good at that, was having a (very specific thing) seem to be part of the pattern, only to end it abruptly. Honestly, that really threw me.” Success then… Throwing people off the scent is one of the things I think our writers aim to do!

Threshin really liked the visions and idea of the psychic detective, though finding some of the items gave her trouble, in a fun way. “Honestly, some of the visions were well hidden right out in the open. Some of them made me growl with a little frustration upon finding them. Laughed afterwards, but there was definitely a growl first.” That comment made me grin because honestly, who hasn’t growled a bit during one of these games? If it was a cake-walk, it wouldn’t be fun!

Threshin’s one real pet peeve about the game? “The cops who told me to go back and take another look around.”

Threshin sticks her tongue out at the officer who tells her she hasn’t searched thoroughly enough!

Another VIP Jocelyn ђυηţяєşş-Iscariot has been playing MadPea games for years and almost always chooses the VIP experience. “At first, it was because my computer sucked and I could only do it in the lower lag scenario. Then, I realized I love the challenge of trying to be the first done and I liked being able to help the others that played after me.”

We do love our helpful Peas, how cool of her!

Jocelyn is really a super-fan as well. Not only did she love this and many of our other games, (She told me between the mystery and the creepy whispers it was very suspenseful!) she also confided a little secret to me. Which I will of course share with all of you… “If you could see my MadPea collection you would understand just how much I love playing the games.”

A MadPea collection! I’m loving this lady! She also admitted that the “psychic” part of the game startled her at first. She wasn’t expecting the way it happened and it definitely took her by surprise. A little worried I asked her about it and she laughed saying it was the good kind of startled… “Not so bad that I couldn’t laugh at myself after.” Whew, creepy, startling, but still making her laugh… what a perfect combination for a game called Sinister Slaughters!

It was actually one of those startling moments when she started to form her own theories about the game and really start feeling like a detective though as well.

The moment Jocelyn truly realized there was something not quite right here…

Jus Strat, another of our repeat VIP players actually purchase 5 VIP passes for himself and friends. Now that is dedication! “Well I am not terribly patient to begin with but the 24 hours with only 20 of us participating is fun since there isn’t that famous SL lag you have to contend with as much. And it was fun going as a group.” That’s one generous friend!

Jus Strat in the MBI Laboratory… he’s on the case!

One thing all the VIPs I spoke to agreed upon was advice to other players. They really all gave the same input: 

“Check everything. Click everything. Don’t pass something that seems obvious or leave dark corners unexplored. Just be sure you look at everything you can possibly look at, then look at it again!”

I asked Jus what his favourite part of the game was… ”I really enjoyed the end… and that it was more mental than just a hunt… the story though, was also really excellent.” He told me this was one of his favourite games yet, and he’s been playing our games for a long time.

I have to say, I agree! Sinister Slaughters is one of the best written, creepiest and most chilling games I’ve seen in awhile, and these VIPs are epic proof of that!

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