Sneaky Peas and The Tower Early Access!

“PANTOMIMED AREAS” and “DESPERATION MA’AM…” These phrases sparked a lot of conversation and speculation in the MadPea community and chats recently! Only a few figured out why, and were rewarded for their fabulous attention to detail!

Most Peas know with our games we generally announce beforehand what games are coming, have “Behind the Scenes” coverage, “How to Play” posts, and have a special buy for early access…

Well, with The Tower game, MadPea totally switched things up on everyone and got a bit sneaky! Okay, to be fair, a bit more sneaky than normal! We were wondering what our Peas, and specifically the Peas that got the early-access coins thought of this new style!

So The Tower was advertised – or not advertised – in a completely different way than other games we’ve done! We kept it top-secret until launch and just had some tricky little clues hinting at both the game and the different early access style. So instead of the usual posts about the upcoming game, we hid some messages in both blog posts and notices, and you Peas had to put the pieces together to sort what was going on!

As for early access, we were kind of equally as devious, having word scrambles and hidden clues leading to coins to be found that would grant access to the Peas that found them before others, but you had to be on your toes and really pay attention!

A few Peas did just that! I talked to a few of our Peas Jax (cdncntryjack) and Cloud Shilo Gothly (cloudbella98) that found the coins to get in the game early about their thoughts on the new style and secrecy…  They seemed to truly love the change-up!

Jax started to look for the coin after Kiana had put out the notices which had the “strange symbol” attached and even more after the “PANTOMIMED AREAS” clue that made him start to think if there was something to be found.

I also saw Kiana in group announcing “4 left… 2 left…” and really started looking hard for those coins! -Jax

Cloud had a different approach. She simply heard of the coins in notices and started scouring the sim for them without the clues or anagrams. That’s some dedication considering the size of MadCity and other MadPea areas!

 I just saw the coins, I didn’t know there was clues or anything. I cammed the sim inch by inch ’till I found one! – Cloud

As far as The Tower launch and the secretiveness of it, the Peas I talked to seemed to like it a lot and think it was a new spin and a good challenge and would like to see more! Jax said ” I think this type of launch actually is nice, but of course if used again for another future game would do it with a different type of puzzle of riddle style to solve”

Cloud loved the different style beginning to the game as well and though it fit well with the type of game.


One thing the Peas I talked to seemed to definitely agree on, even though they found the early access different ways, was they loved this new secretive marketing and early-access and thought it was a fun and creative change from the way things are normally done. Also, that it was perfectly suited to The Tower game and they’d love to see something like it used again in the future!

Since we ARE MadPea though, you know we’ll find an even more devious way to do it the next time… so this writer’s advice? Always keep your eyes open for things that seem out of place and odd clues! Never know what you’re going to get with us! And we’d have it no other way… I’m fairly confident in saying, neither would any of you!

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