A mysterious organization known only as “The Collective” seeks to take over the world in a time where crime is at an all-time high. When little hope is left in the world, you are the one they call!

Become an MBI Agent and work to stop The Collective in MadPea’s first grid-wide interactive adventure hunt.  Discover cryptic clues, valuable treasures, and amazing prizes in your mission to save the world from evil. Agents of Mystery runs from June 22 to August 17.

Getting Started

From Monday June 22, simply pick up a FREE Game HUD from the MadPea main store. If you are a member of MadPea Premium be sure to choose the FREE Premium edition for an extra boost. Attach the HUD and accept permissions.

Visit the Madpea Mainstore to get your FREE Game HUD!

Solving the Mystery for Week 3 – 4



The Summoning

The sisters have come together and are working to summon a powerful demon to destroy Mad City! A key operative behind the summoning is lurking in the abyss. Follow the clues and track them down to capture them and earn yourself an achievement! Work with your fellow agents to share clues and try to solve the mystery! Please be respectful and help each other in IM’s so group chat can be a safe place free of spoilers. Thank you and good luck Agents!

Reminder: Week 5 begins on 7/20 at Noon SLT with a new mystery and different clues. Clues for Week 3 and 4 will be archived here at the end of Week 4. The achievement can still be earned until the end of the hunt.

The Clues:

The Hints:

Do any of the clues mention a summoning spell?

Do any of the clues give you four names?

Is there something special about what those clues are made from?

Do any of the clues mention a place to learn about the zodiac?

Could any of the clues help you know when the sisters were born?

Could you also determine what element each sister was born under?

Have you played Spellbound and learned of the four elemental houses, the cycle, and their mascots?

Could you use any of the clues to help you decipher the spell texts?

Do any of the ingredients found match what you deciphered and could you follow the spell yourself?

Does the result of the spell help you with another clue where you need to know specifically what to say?

Is there a place in Mad City you could recite those words in a certain order?

What do you normally look for to find a criminal?

Be warned! Once you discover the villain she will not be easy to defeat. It may take SEVERAL attempts.



Week 3 Prizes

Week 4 Prizes

Three new prizes are now available at MBI Headquarters!