sinister slaughters

Something sinister is coming to Second Life: MadPea Productions’ newest game, Sinister Slaughters!

“Sinister Slaughters” is a haunting adventure that takes players through an immersive and interactive game world where things have gone horribly wrong. You take the role of a psychic detective and are the only one who can solve a series of brutal murders through your visions and your cunning. Do you have what it takes to relive the victims’ horrors and solve the crimes? Take a deep breath and steel your nerves, maddening mystery awaits you. 

The game is rated moderate due to some shocking surprises and blood.

The HUD to play Sinister Slaughters will be available for $1000L when the game launches, and HUD tokens will also be available so you can give the gift of slaughter to a friend! As you play, achievements will be unlocked, too.

VIP Passes, Golden MBI Badges, can now be purchased for early access to the game. Sinister Slaughters Golden MBI (M.A.D. Bureau of Investigation) Badges also come with lots of goodies! There are only 20 available in total. They are tradeable and re-sellable and they can only be bought on the Marketplace. VIP Passes cost $5000L. Visit Marketplace to buy now.

Please note that the access opens for VIP Pass owners on January 27th at 12pm SLT and you will have 24 hours of lag-free and exclusive playtime before anyone else.

What you get with the VIP Pass:

  • 24 hours exclusive lag-free gameplay
  • Personal guidance by the Queen Pea, Kiana Writer & her production minions
  • Exclusive membership to our “VIP Peas” in-world group (for a limited time) to chat with other pass holders, and get help from the game creators.
  • Game HUD
  • Exclusive Game Outfit
  • 5 game prizes upon completion
  • An exclusive Souvenir made by MadPea
  • And a souvenir photo taken with the MadPea staff

The official game launch will take place on Saturday, January 28th with a party at 11am SLT featuring live mixing maestro DJ Freakshow Zsun and lots of great prizes. Following the party, the game will open to everyone at 12pm.

Keep an eye on the MadPea social media for more information, teasers and HUD giveaways!