Any day is a good day when you get to visit some cools stores in Second Life! But it’s an even better day when those stores are participating in our super awesome Mad Summer ’19 Fishing Tournament! So here I was, just minding my fishness and hopping around the grid at all the wonderful sims participating this summer and I begin to notice ‘Hey! There sure are a lot of stores participating this summer!” And what better way to get some extra summer business? Not to mention the win/win for us! All those fishies AND awesome stores to discover and explore! Below I’ve picked out just a few that might be fun to hit up on your fishing excursions!

 At we have Love, purveyors of fine hair and apparel. It might just be a temporary mainstore for now but they are full of goodies well worth looking over. Not to mention that nearly everything is in that magical color of all colors… pink! So give them a gander when you head on over with your fishing poles! 

I also noticed that long time favorite Balaclava at was participating too! I’ve been a fan of this store for many years and will be a fan for many more. There are all kinds of fun little details to add to any sim, build or housing project. I love their bubble machine! Not to mention you can keep your hook in the water while you look around!

Another shop I noticed participating in our hunt is one I’d never heard of before – Someone Stole My Sign! But I sure was delighted to discover them, fishing pole in hand! This little store seems to specialize in home goods with a cute, quirky flair. Definitely worth a look while you’re waiting for your fish friends to take a bite.

Noxturnal @ is another fan favorite that is participating in the fishing tournament!  I’m a fan of their fun, magical themed products. The store is a joy to walk around while waiting for the fish to bite or just to take a break with all that jumping around!

These are just a very few of the many, many stores that are participating in this summer’s Mad Summer ’19 Fishing Tournament. There are so many more to find and discover and I hope you had as much fun on the way as I did! Take some time to check them out and Happy Fishing!!