The following piece of fiction is inspired by the MadPea Captain Burbridge Booty Gacha set currently available from November 17th to December 8th, 2017.  It will be moved to the MadPea Main Store immediately after.  Make sure you are ready for your own pirate adventure! 

*Items in bold italics in the story are all available in the gacha set.

MadPea’s Captain Burbridge Gacha set with Secret Puzzle with a reward & achievement

Captain Jacquotte Burbridge stood at the helm surveying her crew scurrying about on the deck.  “The Kiana Queen does not stand to be mucked about lads!” She shouted. “Make sure you make her shine or it’s the gibbet for you!  We will make landfall tomorrow and I won’t tolerate my ship being a laughing stock!”  The crew moved like an army of ants, up and down the rigging and across the main deck scouring every part of the ship.  Putting into port meant barrels of rum and a few gold coin on a barrel table meant a willing wench for an evening.

As the Captain went below decks to her cabin, her thoughts only of the treasure map that lay on the weathered desk. Smoothing the curled edges with her hands, she stared down at the map markers, on the places they had traveled. Libertatia, Port Royal, and even Barataria Bay had shed not a glimmer of light on the whereabouts of her father’s plunder.  

Picking up the bronzed hook that had replaced his right hand, she pivoted it in the light of the lantern.  “Blast ye Father!”, she bellowed, slamming the point of the hook into the wood.  “You could have at least left me a few hints or signs, ye olde Kraken!”  Turning to the shelf behind, fingers traveled over the torturing tools: the pillywinks, heretic fork, headcrusher and pear of anguish that her father had used to taunt his prisoners with.  “Oh ye were fond of these toys Father”, she murmured, “ how I would like to use them to get a few whispers of a direction from you!”  

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After docking in Tortuga, Captain Jacquotte strode through the streets until a pristine grey cottage house came into view. Knocking gently on the door,  Manman Marie herself came to open it.  “Child,” she chastised, “what took you so long to visit?”   Settled in a chair and taking a deep drink of tea, Jacquotte sighed and relaxed.  “Manman, Father’s treasure is lost to my efforts to discover its whereabouts.”   “Little one,” Marie whispered, “the answer you seek has been in his hands always.”  Frustrated, Jacquotte huffed.  “A riddle? I sought answers, not this!”  Realizing her tone she quickly said, “My greatest apologies Manman.”  “Forgiveness is always easier with a gift from the heart,” was the reply.  Jacquotte pulled out a small worn leather pouch, untied the drawstrings and poured the contents out into her hand.  As the sun gleamed and danced off of the precious gems that lay cradled in her grasp.  She smiled, “These were not father’s.”  “My mother saved one stone from each treasure for future days of need.”  Manman Marie smiled a rare smile.  “A gift from the very deepest depth in your heart this is.”  Reaching out she cupped Jacquette’s chin.  “Search your mind, you will figure the riddle.  “Make yourself sure when you next travel toward New Orleans you don’t forget your old Manman,” she added.

Back on the ship, she muttered to herself,  “In his hands?” Glancing around the cabin, she looked at all the items that were mementos of her father.  His pirate hat, emblazoned with the jolly roger symbol.  Until finally, her gaze landed on the hook still embedded in the wood of her desk.  His hands? She tugged on the hook and started tracing her fingers over the bronze and leather of the surface, she suddenly saw a pattern she’d never noticed.  Grabbing her scroll she started writing down the letters and numbers that she saw.  Laying the pen down she stared at the numbers and grabbed her map.  Were these latitude and longitudes?  The treasure map showed a tiny unnamed speck of an island.  Cradling the hook in her hands, Jacquotte laid her head down on her desk, and puzzled as she drifted off to sleep – could it be that simple, to find my father’s treasure chest and gold bars?

Could the answers have been in her hands the whole time?

Suddenly a bright light and lots of worried voices filled her eyes and ears.  “Jackie?” She heard her friend say, “Jackie?  You woke up!  We were so worried.”  Looking around she was surprised to see a pristine hospital room.  “When you fell from the ‘Shiver Me Timbers’ pirate ride’, we thought we’d lost you,” said another voice.  Just then a nurse came in and sternly said, “You must all leave now so our patient can rest.  This is far too much excitement for one day.”  Her friends filed quickly out of the room with promises to be back to see her.  As the nurse left the room, Jackie dug into her bag.  Pulling her favorite book out of the sack, a slightly yellowed and brittle piece of paper fell from the pages. Her hands shaking, she unfolded the parchment.  Her eyes opened wide as her gaze took in the treasure map from the dream came into focus.  

Was it a dream – or real?

Was it really all a dream?