MadPea’s Terrifying Tale Trail is coming to a close on 4 November, but there is still enough time to experience this hit event! A spooky thrill,  it features tons of brilliant collaborators, 35 fabulous prizes and Achievement points for anyone who survives!

But be warned – it’s not as easy as it seems!  Luckily, a few daring Peas have agreed to share their secrets. Armed with their advice, will you beat the Trail before it closes for good?!

Os Luminis (osmadwilba) and his lovely partner Emmie Sicario-Luminis (missylola) were the first to spill the beans.  “I really enjoyed it, although the last bit was tricky”, Emmie confided.  “I really liked wandering around the forest trying to avoid the traps” Os told me.  Traps?!  Eeeek!

Os Luminis

Both Os and Emmie had played our games before, and appreciated the radar system which they felt was easy to understand.  Were there any parts that were particularly challenging though?  “I would have preferred less boiling, I’m all wrinkly now!” Os laughed.  “Cleaned my rings nicely, though!”

Emmie Sicario-Luminis

“We played the game as a family, which made it even nicer” Os said.  Emmie agreed “yes definitely, a group is fun!”  So what tips or advice would they give anyone else considering playing?  “Read stuff and concentrate” was Emmie’s suggestion, and “keep your eyes open for anything that stands out” was Os’s helpful advice.  Might have saved him a boiling or two…  😉


Cinos Ruddertail (cinos.field) is another experienced Pea with a lot of great things to say about our Terrifying Tale Trail.  “I love how MadPea hunts always offer something more than just the hunt part, it adds a lot.”  Cinos especially enjoyed her witches ‘bath’, saying “I loved finding myself in a cauldron. I mean, disregarding the whole impending doom part, that was a great moment!  I just love how it was put together, plus the sudden sense of urgency, like “Oh. OH.””
So what was the most challenging part for her? “Definitely finding my way through the forest without dying a lot. There’s probably something to be said for just following well-trodden paths sometimes.  I figured the path would be what’s actually trapped so I thought I’d be clever and not follow it.  That didn’t work out very well!”

Now other than ‘stick to the path’ what other advice or tips would she give to players?  “Your arms are a lot longer than you give them credit for, especially when you are sitting in a hot cauldron!”  It may not make sense now, but that will be excellent advice for brave Peas still looking to take on the Trail!  Thanks, Cinos!

So what are you waiting for? Pick up a HUD and start playing – you can also check out our website, Facebook and Group Notices for details of the amazing prizes. See you there!