MadPea’s Terrifying Tale Trail is in full swing, and this new Halloween experience is proving to be a real hit!  Running until 4 November, it features 35 fabulous collaborators, some twisty puzzles and grisly deaths – well, we ARE MadPea!

A few intrepid Peas have already survived, picked up armfuls of prizes and Achievements and are ready to share their secrets.  Without giving away too many spoilers, will this help you tame the Trail?!

Polly (polly.ellsmere) is one of our more experienced Peas.  She can often be found playing our games and hunts, so she was an excellent person to start with!  She confided that she had scampered around the Trail, only needing a little help at the end from fellow regular and all round helpful Pea, Meadow.  I asked Polly what she liked best about the experience.  “I liked finding the doors, and I enjoyed meeting the characters at the end, even if one tried to finish me off several times!”

What tips or advice would you Polly give anyone starting the game?
“Turn your sounds volume up because you’ll hear useful things from objects in the game, and don’t be afraid to ask for help in group chat!”

Polly Ellsmere

Another Pea who certainly had his act together was Jay (jayden.perian), who trounced the Trail with his lovely partner Shauni.  He told me “We play MadPea games together every time and we really have a lot of fun doing it. She is the one giving me tips of course!  You can’t complain when the price is only 300L and you get a lot of cool prizes too.”

With his expertise, it wasn’t a surprise that he also had great advice to offer.  “If you can, find someone to play along with because it makes it a little more fun (two brains are better than one!)  Don’t be afraid to approach other Peas for help, either.”

Jay (jayden.perian)

Last on my list of Trail-busters was the adorable Qwibble. As one of our fabulous Premium Members, she had already had lots of experience of MadPea adventures, but even with her expertise, she still suffered at the hands of one of our end characters! Qwibble was particularly pleased to have introduced a friend to MadPea – “she was hooked and actually joined Premium too, so it’s a great game to start a friend off with….or several friends!  The cost is SO reasonable for this entertainment packed experience…..really worth it!”

So what was Qwibble’s top tips for the Trail?  “I would advise that anyone playing this game should play with a friend, and don’t hesitate to ask for help and hints in group chat!”


So what are you waiting for?  Pick up a HUD and start playing – you can also check out our website, Facebook and Group Notices for details of the amazing prizes.  See you there!