The best Christmas sims ever!

The MadPea Magical Christmas Hunt for Enchanted Toys was another roaring success – it seems our Peas couldn’t get enough of those super stuffies, whizzing wheelies and ridiculously cute robots!  But it was clear from a previous interview with some of our intrepid hunters that the toys weren’t the only part of the pleasure.  They all agreed that a lot of the thrill was exploring detailed and beautiful sims, as well as finding fantastic new ones!

This time round we added a new feature to the HUD – the Favourites button.  This gave all the Peas a chance to vote for the sims they especially enjoyed, and I am proud to announce the winners!

In first place

The Rose Garden by LadyRose Writer

The Rose Garden is a homestead sim consisting of four large islands in a beautiful sea.  Each island is decorated to a seasonal theme – one each for spring, summer, autumn and winter, and each has its own delights.  I spoke to LadyRose about her incredible creation and she told me that before she came to SL she was a creative writer for another virtual world where she helped with an areas called Meditation Park.  “It was a magical place where all 4 seasons existed in one place, and you could walk from winter to spring, etc.  It really inspired me!”

The Rose Garden is LadyRose’s home rather than a commercial sim, but she assures me that anyone can come over and explore, have fun or just hang out.  “I love decorating the place and frequently make tweaks when the mood takes me.  I’m very picky about the items I place, but have a list of favourite home and décor designers I use, including LAQ, DRD, Nomad, Apple Fall, Sway’s, Tiki Tatoo for my summer island and – obviously – MadPea!”

LadyRose is an avid MadPea fan and participates in our games as well as hunts.  “My first MadPea game was the first Peatonville Asylum, and I loved it.  Out of all the games, The Interview was my favourite though, because of the crazy puzzles.”  And can we expect to visit the Rose Garden again during any future MadPea hunts?  “Yes! Of course! The only thing that would keep me away is if I am out of the country!”

The gorgeous lodge on the Winter Island of the Rose Garden

In second place

Tagus Forest by Lady Amalthea (meganwhitlock Resident)

Tagus Forest is a naturally stunning and romantic location that leaves you feeling peaceful and serene.  If my experience was anything to go by, visitors can expect the warmest and friendliest of welcomes from Lady Amalthea and her friends.  Tagus is only two months old and Lady Amalthea’s most recent build.  She is particularly proud of a clever feature allowing couples to saunter arm in arm through the romantic scenery.  Previously, she owned Ethereal Sanctuary, a beach sim which successfully hosted MadPea’s Summer Hunt.  “My goal was to capture a real life feeling in SL with Tagus, ” she confided, “role playing can and does happen here, but it is free form, so everyone can enjoy the sim whether role playing or not.”

Lady Amalthea first heard about MadPea when she arrived in Second Life.  “A good friend of mine is a top MadPea hunter – she told me about the hunts and I have been hooked ever since.  I will definitely host many more hunts for MadPea and look forward to the next one, because nothing brings me more pleasure than seeing people come and enjoy. MadPea does an awesome job with the hunts, excellent concept and prizes.  I also love the MadPea products and my inventory is full of them! Thank you and MadPea for creating such an awesome way to connect sim owners and visitors!”

The impossibly romantic and mysterious Tagus Forest

In third place

The Forest by Aleхιѕ ʀσse Scнιммeʀ-ωιℓѕσи (lexxihudson)

The Forest sounds dark and spooky, but actually it’s a stunning light, airy – and currently snowy! – woodland filled with things to do and perfect for all the family.  There is a lively community of staff and visitors, and it is packed with activities for old and young.  There are camp sites and cabins set within beautiful surrounds.  There are gentle slopes and mountains where you can sled, ski or skate.  It’s perfect for exploring, taking pictures or roleplaying, and welcomes visitors all year round.

When she is not tending The Forest, Alexis works for MadPea as our Social Media Manager, so please say hi if you see her around!

The Forest provides a ton of fun and activities for all ages!


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