Bushy Evergreen and his band of merry of elves have been hard at work preparing for Christmas. They’ve been tinkering and building toys for millions of good girls and boys across the world.

Last night, after the elves had settled down for a good night’s rest, they heard a loud swoosh and bang in the workshop. As they went down to investigate, they spotted a peculiar woman dressed with bright candy colors and a crown made of various tidbits of candy and sweets.  

Upon seeing the curious elves, she exclaimed “I’m sick of you little pesky elves and that fat man having all the fun! Christmas shall be mine this year…all the kids will get candy instead of toys! And to make sure of that – I’m taking all these toys with me!”  

She waved her wand and a swirling candy portal opened up and began sucking the toys into a strange colorful land on the other side. Clumsy VanJingles tried to reach up to save a teddy bear from the chaos, however, he only managed to grab the arm of the teddy as it ripped off and joined the other toys into the abyss of the candy world on the other side.

The Candy Queen waved her wand again sending a blast of combustible sprinkles towards the toy-making machines causing them to burst into pieces to ensure there was no way to make new ones. Then, as she stepped through the candy portal, she laughed menacingly and yelled, “You’ll never catch me, Christmas is mineeeee!” The portal closed behind her and there was silence.

We have to get the toys back!

Luckily, the elves encoded each toy with a locator chip but there are just way too many toys for the elves to bring them back by themselves. So, Peas, we desperately need your help to find, rescue, and return the toys so that Christmas can be saved!  You’ll be rewarded generously for your efforts!

Are you up for the task?


🍬 The MadPea Magical Toy Rescue begins in December! 🍬

A grid-wide hunt where you can participate as a location, a hunter, or both!

🍬 Watch for more details coming very soon! 🍬



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