At MadPea we work for months to bring you each game, hunt and adventure that we produce but all of it would be in vain without our fantastic contributing creators who make and provide awesome prizes as your rewards for completing the game!

The team behind Never Totally Dead have always been very supportive of our work at MadPea and keen to go above and beyond what we ask of them, helping out a lot behind the scenes and providing many of the props we use for decoration and building.

Bluesean Yiyuan & Silex Zapedzki are the joint owners of the store and I asked them a little about what’s going on and their plans for the future.

How long have you been creating content in Second Life?
7 years
Description of your Store:
Old buildings, Manors, Haunted items, Furniture
What do you most enjoy about being a Creator in Second Life?
Creating !
What is your latest release in store?
Etiquette-Haunted-BookcaseThe Angry Bear

What regular events do you take part in?
Most MadPea events, other hunts, Charity events
What are your aspirations for your store and your vips in the future?
We hope our work will continue bringing us (and our customers) as much pleasure as it has during these last 4 years
What inspired you to produce the prizes you made for The Collection?
The hunt name for the display case, recent events around the world for the trophy…
MadPea has recently been searching for vendors for the next game, Peatonville Asylum…What would you say to a creator considering applying for MadPea Games?
Any MadPea event is an experience worth the effort !
Visibilty in MadPea events boosted our commerce from the start.
Never Totally Dead has provided 2 prizes for The Collection which you can play until the end of September.
Collections- Never Totally Dead.... Gold1024 Never totally Dead prizeTheBoar
You can visit the Never Totally Dead Mainstore by clicking the link. There’s lots of great decor and building for the whole year but especially for Halloween!
Play the game by visiting the starting location for The Collection and there’s still a few days left to join The Collection Photo Contest!