The Cursed Collection from MadPea at this round of The Arcade is an example of love and evil meeting in a whirlwind.

The Cursed Collection comprises of 13 animated, wearable instruments. The instruments were first featured in the MadPea adventure The Collection (which continues until the end of September). The RARE is the conductor’s baton and stage and when you rez your instruments on the stage…magic happens…but is it good magic or evil magic?

MadPea has added a little extra spice to the gacha set too! Inside each package is a piece of a letter. Collect all the pieces and see where the mystery takes you…it will be worth your while!

The only thing we will reveal is that it can be acquired /only/ during the moon of September 2015. After that, evil spirits will roam free across the mystery grounds and make it unsafe to enter!

The MadPea Gacha is only 50L$ per play.

Most importantly this is your ONLY chance to get these instruments as the set will be retired when The Arcade closes at the end of September.

If you want to know more about the Collection story and find out the origin of the instruments, try out our adventure game The Collection.

You can read more about it here:

This set was retired and no longer for sale.