On May 28th, the intrepid MadPea exPEAditioners explored the land and sea of Anduril for pieces of my broken robot.

Some strapping young lads saving my beloved PEA-T1000

After searching high and low, they brought the pieces to a workbench, reassembled them, and as a reward were given a robot companion of their very own! If you missed this fun-filled trip do not worry, you can still purchase a PEA-T1000 at our mainstore. He can sit comfortably on your shoulder offering sassy sayings whenever clicked.

ModPea Amryn, wearing her PEA-T1000

MadPea Productions has a ton of exciting new things coming up in June so we will be skipping an exPEAdition this month. Keep an eye out on our blog, social media, and in-world group for an announcement about July’s trip.