It’s crazy to think that there are only 5 days left to play Peatonville Asylum before it closes it’s doors and the inhabitants leave for their final resting place.

Peatonville Asylum has proved to the most successful MadPea game to date but we would never be able to bring you these amazing adventures and experiences if it wasn’t for the help of our collaborating stores and vendors.

One of the creators that has made a massive impact on the success of Peatonville is Analyse Dean of Bandit.


All our collaborating vendors provided 2 prizes but Analyse was involved at a much earlier stage when we were designing the very beginning of the game and developing the storyline. Analyse and her team designed and created several parts of the experience including the Ferry Terminal featured at Peatonville Bay, the actual gateway to the game itself.


In addition Analyse created this amazingly realistic Ferry for the ‘journey’ to the Asylum and offered the ferry as one of the rewards for completing the game.

All of the items the Bandit team produced for the game are absolutely integral to the game and part of the immersion that we aim for with MadPea experiences.

You still have time to play. You can pick up a HUD at any of the participating vendor stores, at the Peatonville Bay starting area or on Marketplace.

Vendor Frame Normal

Don’t forget, you have a few days left to play and pick up up to 50 amazing rewards from Second Life’s top Designers and Creators including two brilliant prizes from Bandit!