We all know the jingle. “On the 12th day of Christmas, my true love sent to me…” it goes, daring us all to recite the enumerating, occasionally tongue-twisting lyrics that follow. We’ll definitely be singing along, except our carol may go on for much longer!

Introducing MadPea’s Christmas Calendar of 2016!



This Christmas, MadPea is collaborating with some of the best designers in a massive way!
24 top designers in Second Life are making new and exclusive Christmas presents for you! And of course.. there will be a little.. or a BIG surprise from MadPea included!

We at MadPea absolutely adore Christmas and, though we have previously celebrated the holiday in other merry ways, this will surely be our most elaborate celebration yet! Here’s how it works:

Every day, starting December 1st until the BIG DAY (READ: Christmas, of course!), Peas who have purchased the Calendar will be able to click on the present day’s door to receive the shiny new prize for that day.
You may not receive prizes for future days. For example, if it’s December 2nd, you cannot click on December 3rd’s door and expect to receive a prize for December 3rd. You must wait until December 3rd to click and enjoy the prize that is behind that day’s door.

We’re only 90% evil, though; the other 10% has made it so that a Pea can always get prizes from previous days. Thus, you can purchase it on, say, December 10th, and receive all prizes from the 1st to the 10th by clicking on the corresponding doors! The last day to purchase the HUD is December 31st.

The Christmas Calendar – that contains both a HUD and a decor Calendar for your homes – costs 1,000L, averaging a mere 40L per jolly-good prize that is: original mesh, Christmas-themed and is either one unisex item OR two items: one for female and one for male.

We hope you are as excited about enjoying the Calendar as we are about bringing it to all of you! In case you can stand any more excitement, we will be revealing a new participating designer every day, starting tomorrow, until you have seen them all!

Stay tuned and definitely practice your counting! The calendars will become available from early November!

“On the 25th day of Christmas, my true love sent to me…”