I know it’s happened to me and I’m sure it’s happened to you.  You want to get somewhere within MadPea or find out some information, but you weren’t quite sure where to go or where to look.   Scrolling through inventory landmarks and saved notecards can be frustrating.  Well, never fear!  MadPea is to the rescue with the all new MadPea Infohud!  All of MadPea right at your fingertips.

The MadPea Infohud works anywhere within Second Life.  Now getting the information  you need is as easy as a mouse click!  Keep abreast of current news at MadPea with the always scrolling What’s New section of the Infohud.  Teleport directly to any game, event or shopping location with the fast and easy teleporting tabs!  Keep track of your current achievement level and points displayed right on the HUD.  Instantly open up MadPea webpages, the blog, facebook, youtube and flickr.  And for your convenience the Infohud can be minimized so it’s out of the way yet still easily available for when you need it.

MadPea has made it easier than ever to keep up with all the madness!  The MadPea Infohud is free and is available NOW at the MadPea Store in Mad City!  Go get yours and be sure to share the madness with your friends!

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