This weekend on May 28th at Noon SLT the MadPea exPEAdition group will be headed to the sim of Anduril! As always , we will meet first in front of the travel agency at Mad City. 

According to co-owner and designer Marina Wentz,  she had taken a picture in SL and people started to ask her for the landmark. Her friend Asa Vordun was also captivated by the photo and wanted to live there. The problem was the place didn’t exist, so Marina and Asa set out to build it. The original build was on a 1/4 sim but was moved to a homestead which became Anduril. It is a fascinating mix of fantasy and urban design and is perfect for photography and exploration.

The beautiful landscape of Anduril

I myself was taking photos on Anduril of my adorable robot PEA-T1000. I set him down on the back of a truck to grab a shot, when suddenly the driver jumped in and took off. PEA-T1000 fell off the back and shattered into pieces, but I can’t find them all. I know with the help of the Peas we can find all his components and put him back together again. You will have from May 28th @ noon SLT until May 30th @ noon SLT to do so. I can’t wait to see you all there!

My poor PEA-T1000 before his terrible accident.

Please Note: This is a homestead and space is limited. It may take several attempts to get in, so please be patient.