Through The Keyhole…..

There is a lot of mystery and wonder behind a closed door. So go ahead and peek through the keyhole –  you never know what it will reveal!  Let’s take a journey together into a day in the life of an awesome and very busy MadPea crew member. See if you can guess who they are by the end of this edition of the Through the Keyhole Series.

Don’t let this crew member’s avatar age fool you! They first started originally around 7 years ago. They actually found out about Second Life when they were watching a documentary on the Oprah Winfrey show. Even though the documentary showed it ruining people’s lives, they didn’t let that deter them from thinking it was something they might be interested in trying. 

Whose cozy farm is this?

So, what else does this talented person do besides being busy with MadPea work? This person also owns a clothing store, gacha store, breedables store and blogs in their spare time. You may be wondering how do they have time to sleep, eat or even breathe? Well luckily they are very good at multitasking. 

In real life, they grew up on a farm as a child and grew to love country life. They have a very strong love of chickens. When I mentioned chickens, their reply was,”I love them so much I have tons of chicken themed decor around my real life house, including a giant chicken statue in my front yard.” This person is not really fond of snow and cold weather, they prefer the warmer weather of the south. This person also has a farm in her virtual life with many animals such as rabbits, cows, sheep and you guessed it, chickens. Their decorating style can range from Beachy to Southern inspired to anything they’re interested in at the time. Any ideas on their identity yet?

They really do LOVE their chickens.

When asked about their hobbies they replied, “I have many hobbies in our virtual world such as creating clothing, breeding animals like Amaretto Horses and one that is my true calling customer service.” Another interesting tidbit about them is they used to work in real life as a video game designer which lead to them wanting to explore and find out more about MadPea. 

They came to discover MadPea when a friend of  theirs recommended to check out the second release of the Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior. I asked this person why they wanted to join MadPea and their answer was simple. “Kes Keiroz, who was the previous ModPea Manager, suggested it! She was very sweet and welcoming, and we are still great friends today! Still not sure who they are?

Their gacha shop.

Their main jobs at MadPea are Customer Service and ModPea Manager, but they are also box assistant to Jestyr our lovely Monthly Curated Boxes Manager. They recruit, train and manage all of the ModPea crew as well as helps organizing parties and events when it comes to our Monthly boxes. They are also the bridge between designers for our monthly boxes and our crew when it comes to challenges that may arise. This person is behind the scenes of the ticket system and basically to anything else that gets thrown at them. They take their jobs at MadPea very seriously and does them very well no matter what obstacles may get in their way. Any clue yet as to who they could be?


This Lovely Lady is Quiggles 78 Resident, Customer Service and ModPea Manager!

Quiggles is a very blunt and upfront person but that doesn’t stop her from being a sweet and caring person at the same time. She also enjoys being a part of the MadPea Productions Staff and she found her true calling while she was just a ModPea. She says, “I am very blessed to have become part of this very crazy but amazing MadPea staff. I’m also very happy to have the Mods and MadPea family as well as being able to make some awesome friendships in the process.” She also said something that is very true and I agree on this statement as well,  “MadPea is not just a company but one big family as well as an amazing job and my number one happy place.”

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