Through the keyhole…

In the next of our popular ‘Through the Keyhole’ series, I was very excited to highlight a super-talented crew member who spends a LOT if their time literally behind the camera.  This staffer spends their time making us – and MadPea – look fabulous, so what’s not to love?

As always, read on to find clues and hints to who this MadPea crew member is.  Can you guess before you get to the answer at the bottom?

Good luck!

Who lives in this stunning beach-front hideaway?

In the spirit of full disclosure (and as a massive early clue), I have already interviewed this person’s partner, who just happens to be another of our brilliant crew members.  I’m telling you this, because it appears we have them to thank for our mystery interviewee getting involved with MadPeas in the first place!  They explained “my partner said ‘LETS PLAY THIS GAMEEE!!!’ and dragged me into Peatonville Asylum about 2 years ago.  I was amazed at what was possible to make/create in SL.  I’ve been in SL about 11 years now, but at the time I was quite naïve about the magic that MadPea was producing.”

They might be serious about their work, but they do it in style too!

So once we had them on the MadPea hook, how did we reel them in to work for us?  “Well, in the beginning my lovely partner started working for MadPea.  I was invited as a plus-one to a beach party to celebrate a new gacha set MadPea were releasing – the Mad Summer Party one – and I did a video of the party.  That got me noticed and I became a blogger for MadPea because of it.  Then my partner was writing a piece on Unia and asked me to do a video for it.   Kiana enjoyed the video and approached me to see if I’d be willing to work for MadPea as a Videographer!  I was so happy I jumped at the chance.  You can see the video I produced for Unia here…”

Well videos is clearly how they started, but what happened next?  “I love machinima but after joining MadPea I pushed further and further to learn more and get better.  I started 3-D designing and modelling, going from not knowing how to make a cube to make the companion Tortoise that we all saw in Inca!”  That sounds like quite a learning curve!  “I’ve been really lucky with all I’ve got to do and be part of for MadPea, its a great experience and never boring!  My partner and I have our own brand, [Krescendo], and we sell unique furnishing and décor items from our shop and MarketPlace.  We often collaborate with MadPeas as designers too, which is great.”

Who has this beautiful sea view from their living room?

So lastly, I asked this crew member what else can the Peas know about them?  “I have an adorable puppy, and a cat that I brought all the way from France to Portugal with me.  Me and him alone on a 12-hour car drive – it was so nice!  Also, I am a musician.  I play the guitar and sing, used to have a band, a gift that helped me enchant my partner.  The first time I sang for them, it was an acoustic version of the song from Frozen.  My partner isn’t a big fan of the song but it did the trick!”

So will this staffer be accompanying any of the videos in the future?  “Well its a possibility, if we ever need a male singer, I wouldn’t mind doing it! :)”

Did you guess?

Yes!  Our talented MadPea crew member was Krios Keiroz (Krioson Resident)!!

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