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Another day, another keyhole to peer through – I love my job!  Continuing our MadPea crew feature theme, I have rummaged around the ultra-sleek home of one of our coolest crew members – but can you guess who?

Have a look at this fabulous abode, hear what the CrewPea has to say, and take a guess at who they are!  The answer is – as always – at the bottom of the feature.  Good luck!

Industrial chic and the cassette says “Born in the 90s”. A clue to this person’s age?

So to begin, I was curious about how this crew member started the mad ride that is Second Life.  The answer was a surprise as they are a lot older than they appear.  “I started SL way back in the time of flexi hair and pre-sculpt. It was a simple time back then!” Ahh… those were the days!  “When I first started I was heavily into the role-play communities. This was mainly vampire/demon type role-play, but way before Bloodlines or any of those HUD games – it was pure writing back then!  Then I became a DJ and a manager of a community.”

“Now I own a sim with my partner…” That’s Ironwood Hills, yes? “…Yep.  It’s a post-apocalyptic styled sim but we think of ourselves as more creepy than anything. One of the big things we pride ourselves on is having it open rez specifically for bloggers, photographers, and machinima artists to use our little world as their creative playground!”

The super creepy, but drop-dead gorgeous Ironwood Hills

So what is it that makes this person stay in SL?  “I’m a big gamer but SL has something that most games don’t… interaction with other people.  It has that sense of community, friends – a sense of purpose, like working for MadPea and helping create things for other people. It has a bit of everything really. Plus it’s a great escape from the stresses of real life where you can just have fun.  I’m British and currently I work in IT which mostly keeps me in a nice dark basement like office thankfully working hours that let me stay up at weird hours so I can hang out with the American crowd.”

A backyard bath with an alien egg in it. This crew member is crazy, but we love them.

This person looks after our monthly curated crates – the BishBox fashion and accessories crate for the wild girls of SL, and our beautiful Deco(c)rate, which is stuffed full of stunning furnishing and décor items.  But how did they end up in that job?  “I’ve played the MadPea games on and off throughout the years. The first MadPea game I ever played was Devil’s Labyrinth, but last year MadPea did an exPEAdition to Ironwood Hills and it was so much fun that when I saw an application to join the team I jumped at it, starting as a marketing assistant. From there I just helped out more and more until I became official Crate Manager.”

The Cheshire Cat. Yes, his eyes really do follow you around the room.

So what does this crew member love about MadPea? MadPea is as the name implies… mad. You gotta be some level of crazy to work here and so I think I fit in perfectly. There are not too many places where a weird, sarcastic and sometimes dark humour can be appreciated and embraced as a positive thing.  Have a thing for serial killers? Awesome, you’re an asset, come help me kill people! Not thing you usually expect to hear from a boss but there’s a place for everyone with their ‘unique’ interests. I also get to work with amazing creative people who dress up like cats or fish with fingers. I get to share fun banter with our crate customers (twinkies! a few people will understand that), and I’ve gotten the chance to get designers that I’ve fanboy’d over for years and find out that they’re pretty cool people behind that ‘designer’ tag.”

And the MadPea challenges?  “Staying up until the wee hours of the morning to deliver crates was a challenge. Whenever you work in customer service there’s always one or two difficult people as well. I think my biggest challenge at MadPea so far has been letting go of SwagBag. It was my first big project and felt like my ‘baby’ so when it ended it was pretty tough. We learnt a lot, including the limitations and struggles of male events on SL and it is paving a way to hopefully one day enjoying new projects for guys in the future.”  So hopefully, you will be right there in the middle of that?  “I’m always a big advocate on finding some way to do any activity within MadPea for guys so yes, hopefully I’ll be right there in the middle of it!”

It’s serene and peaceful, but this CrewPea really needs to make that bed.

Welllllll?  Did you guess who lives in this fabulous place?  Of course – it’s none other than Jestyr Knight!

Jestyr Knight, MadPea Crate Manager

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