Grab your cell phones and get to the bus! This time we are off on a new adventure to Pandora Resort’s Iron Falls! That is right; you will not want to miss this one! Iron Falls has a captivating history and one of their very own guardians will be giving you a tour from 12 pm slt until 2 pm slt that you are not soon to forget. However, that is not all! You are some lucky Peas! After the tour there is also going to be a hunt for …. You guessed it lost treasure! Main event for the hunt is from 2 pm slt until 4 pm slt. But never fear Peas, we have got you covered! If you miss the main event you still have 48 hours to complete the hunt!

Join us on Saturday the 19th from 12 pm Slt until 4 pm Slt for a trip to an amazing sim and an epic hunt! Did I forget to mention there is a awesome prize? You can also get the coveted achievement for completing the hunt!

Meet us at the MadPea Travel Agency where we will set off on our adventure!

Please remember that this is a MadPea only group experience. If you have family and friends that want to participate, they will need to join the group! It is well worth the group space! We always have something planned up our sleeves.