Sinister Stories Contest Winners
In celebration of our upcoming murder mystery game Sinister Slaughters, we recently asked you to tell us the scariest thing that’s ever happened to you. A panel of MadPea judges read all your many Sinister Stories, and we’ve narrowed it down to three winners and a runner up. It was a tough task – we are grateful that so many of you sent us spooky tales, and many gave us a genuine fright! But in the end, there were four stories that really grabbed us, gave us chills or made us think.


In first place is Trinity Vuissent (actual name Narayanna Aderys), whose mind trip of a tale turned our perspective inside out and forced us to look at a scary story from a whole new point of view. See for yourself:

The beginning of us.

It began as a sensation, that feeling of knowing that you are being watched. A shadow in the darkness that follows you around each corner, each twist and turn along your path. Did you think that you were alone in the darkness, safe in the dead silence of night? Did you think that the soft pink of your skin didn’t shine like a beacon for all that pales? So full of life that it pulses just beneath the velvet softness of flesh, marking place to place like a road map to travel along. Thin tiny little veins give way to larger arteries that eventually take the adventurer to the heart of the trip. Thick and heavy, saturated, pumping …. just beneath a covering that tears far too easily.

But it’s more than that, so much more.

You begin to walk faster, wrapping those arms around your chest as if they could protect you from the unknown. What do I feel like when you have no idea what I am? Do I rise over each rooftop, tower above every tree? Just beyond view no matter how hard you look. You shiver because you know how close this darkness is.

I saw it ripple along your skin and the little hairs bristle, reaching out to sense what they could not see. What caught me off guard though was the way your breath shuddered for me. The fear inside as you knew evil was close, closer than it ever has been before. The weight of my stare as I took in every inch of your flesh, the draw off your essence as I breathed in your scent … they washed over you with such a delicious wave of panic.

You didn’t run. In fact each step came slower until the brash clatter of heels softened into a slow measured pace.

I knew the moment you were ready to give into the destruction and capture of your soul. My words echoed down your spine, “Stand still.” You did, your eyes closed, and you trembled.

Oh but inside of you that panic blossomed and It shot the most exquisite chemicals to every pore. I could see myself licking at them later, every curled touch of my tongue lapping that adrenaline up like a greedy cat, purring and sated after the hunt.

You made the softest of sounds when my presence was felt from behind. Every little horror flash of what could happen playing like a silent film through the back of your mind yet the only words you thought were “please don’t let there be too much pain.”.

Too much pain? I do not understand the context of the question. What I do understand is there will be pain, and you will ask for more. You will ask, you will whine, and you will beg like you have never in your past.

Holding your hands tightly from the back, I reached into the pocket of a well leathered jacket and shook out the black nylon bundle, pulling it roughly around the shape of your head. Yanking here and there and tugging the draw string along the bottom that tightened so perfectly.

With this there was a pause of dead silence, save for the thunder of your heart echoing through now covered ears and the soft sounds the hood made as you tried to catch your breath. Such a unique thing that is, the way that fabric of any kind moves when taught against an open mouth as panicked gasps draw in and puff back out. Pulling your body back just a touch so that it soundly met mine.. the pause continued.

I wanted you to feel that moment. To feel it with full clarity and etch the sensation and emotions through your mind in a way that you would never forget. No matter how many years passed by.

This would be the beginning of us.

It was 3 am and I had studied you, the routines that made up a timeline of your days and nights, rarely a variation, and this allowed me to also study the areas around you. As expected the soft hum of an old rickety van rose from the right. I tightened, knowing that it would roust you from stunned shock of what was happening and a struggle would start. My hand covered your mouth muffling the attempted protest.

In the haze of an old streetlight the vehicle stopped at the sign, the sick yellow flash signaled and the old man turned slowly, not paying any real attention. No one was ever on these roads at 3 am and Stan was so used to his delivery route that eventually he mounted a DVD player on his dashboard and watched a new movie every night as he delivered the local paper to every mom n pop store in town. The thought of getting caught never entered my mind as the tender sounds of reassurance whispered as my lips moved against the nylon of the hood where I could feel the curve of ear just beneath.

Within moments he was gone and it was just you and I once more. Like clockwork your body slacked and a renewed smile took over the features of my face. “I am going to lift you onto my shoulder and carry you to my car, Miss Easton. if you struggle you will fall. If you fall I will simply hoist you up and do it all over again. I suggest you cooperate, struggle will only leave your bruised, and I dislike my property marred unless it is done so by my own hand, is that understood?” and I waited for the nod.

Once in place we walked, or I walked would be the most accurate yet you were with me, as promised, like a sack of potatoes draped over my shoulder. One hand pet down your leg, I couldn’t help it. My prize. Here. In my arms. After all the planning. It was real.

I arranged your form perfectly, even added a breathtaking diamond necklace to adorn your chest as it rose and fell from terrified breath. Your fingers where brushed with dirt, even a smudge along your collar bone and the clash of class and filth were perfect. There in the parking lot at the dead of night I began to take pictures. So beautiful. Something about your vulnerability spoke to me through the lens and I knew that others would see the same once they were developed. They will stand in silenced awe of this shared moment and it will speak to those private places deep inside that they only wish they could listen to.

After a moment the engine roared to life, as did the stereo. Life sprang from nothing as it tends to do and the vehicle started to move, slowly at first as I took the first couple of turns, but just moments later and you could tell we were on a highway. Something unique about the sound of them. You can’t mistake a highway for a city road no matter how well paved or cared for. As if the purpose of the creation shone through no matter how it was assembled or where.

My excitement grew as we got closer and little flashes of well thought out plans teased my mind. I couldn’t help myself but to reach out and rest a hand along your thigh. I laughed aloud when you squeaked and your whole body tensed up from the show of affection. So hyper aware of what sounds you heard you were not prepared for the sign of affection right then. I suppose the instant flash of panic was the catalyst for your tears, but it was fine to me.

There is nothing more pure that someone can give you than tears, either earned through joy or ripped free within the midst of debilitating fear, they were still raw expressions of emotions that are far too hard to fake. Unlike so many other sounds that we make.

See? There’s a beautiful discomfort in those words, something that places us right on the brink of horror, gazing into its depths and maybe most disturbingly, feeling a bit like it’s gazing back up at us!


In second place is Sookie Perlmann, who took us back in time ten years to a terrible roadside fright she experienced on a back road in rural New Jersey. Through her words we could imagine the heart-pounding events that unfolded and left her shaken to this day. Read on…

It was 1997, cell phones weren’t as common as they are now, anyone who was born in the 1970’s can tell you we managed…Living in the country, it’s quite normal for us to do most of our driving on back roads. With mostly farms around me, street lights are pretty few and far between so high beams are our safety in my neck of the woods. One night while driving home from a late shift on the same back roads I have driven so many nights before, I was not too surprised to find myself in the company of another vehicle, a jeep to be exact. At first they came up on my bumper, high beams on and quickly turned them off. I continued driving, fully aware that they were swerving, slowing down then hitting the gas at one point they were so close I could see the design of their seat covers in my rear view. I assumed at this point, they were drunk. Pulling over to avoid an accident, they passed. I was grateful and continued my way home. After driving a mile, I was once again joined by a fellow driver on the road. High beams on they were riding my bumper much like the previous car, swerving and driving sporadically. It was then I realized looking back, it was the same car. This was the point I began to get nervous. I had 12 miles of back road to go still, and through the back roads of Hunterdon County NJ, the woods closed in… Soon I’d not even be able to see the moon. Trying not to panic, I pulled over again, as did they. My heart began to race. Realizing they were playing games, I pulled back onto the road, this time ignoring the speed limit signs but still trying to be cautious in the dark, hitting a deer at this point really wouldn’t help my situation. The high beams once again filled my car. The next 10 minutes would be the most terrifying of my life. At times they would pull up on my bumper and lay on the horn, other times they tried to get to my left to push me off the road. I had enough. Thinking quickly I pulled off into a long private driveway hoping they would think it was my home. As I sat there and cried in my car, I could see them slow down as they passed. I waited for what felt like hours. Finally calm enough I pulled back on to the road. I only had 2 more miles until I got back into civilization, I was going to make it. My heart sank when I looked back to see the jeep quickly approaching behind me. I then made a decision that to this day haunts me more then the entire nights ordeal, I slowed down, and pulled over. One way or another, It was going to come to a head. The jeep joined me on the side of the road. High beams on they sat behind me before the driver side door opened, and I could distinctly hear the jingle of a chain. Blinded by the high beams in my side mirror, I was only able to make out a silhouette, and in his hand a chain. as he approached my car I waited, and then I gunned my car. Sending stones and god knows what else into the air, I was back on the road, speeding. I let up on the gas pedal only when I saw the lights of Historical Flemington New Jersey on my windshield. When I arrived home I called the state police and filed a report, they believed it was just some kids out having fun…I’ve not been on that back road since that night. It’s been 20 years…On dark nights I’m still haunted, I can see the silhouette and that sinister chain dangling in his high beams…

If Sookie ever does decide to brave that back road again, we hope she carpools for safety’s sake!


In third place is EDD Graycloud, who made us wonder just what happens on that thin border between life and death, what is real in our world and what exists beyond. Not only did EDD’s story scare us, but it made us think…

Hold on to your horses cause this is not just a story… Rather, this is an actual account.

This was probably around 20 years ago. This was at a farewell party at a friend’s place which had an indoor swimming party. It was a poolside barbeque party with the works.

As the night progress with people eating, chatting and the likes, I decided to go into the pool for a dip. Other than me, there were only probably one other person who was in the pool with me at that time and he was nowhere near me at that time. I was by the sides of the pool, nowhere near the deep end and was just wading/wallowing in it.

Without a warning, I suddenly felt a hand grabbing onto my legs, pulling me and not letting go. Needless to say, I was not only caught off-guard, I totally struggled under the water for my breath. After an unspecified amount of time, I was in an area that was totally devoid of light – totally pitch black. With me were unfamiliar faces – men and women of all ages – young and old who were all walking towards a common destination – a most bright light at the far end.

What struck me was that nobody was talking or seemed to care what they were doing or going. All they , including myself wanted was to walk towards that bright light. After a long while walking, I hear my named being called repeatedly. The source of the voice was not known and initially, I did not care for it and continued walking. The moment I turned around to heed this call, I find myself at the side of the pool, laying on my own mucus/vomit.

(This are witness accounts of those there that night)

Witnesses had claimed to have noticed me sleeping in baby-like position right in the bottom and middle of the pool – with hands and legs curled up (foetus position). Now mind you, this alone is very odd given that most people who drowned would float. Secondly, the pressure was very great to say the least since I was discovered right at the very bottom of the pool. It took a great number of attempts before my would-be rescuer could dive down and bring me up (he couldn’t even swim in actuality!).

The next odd thing is that being members of The Scout group with First aid knowledge, they had actually found me dead with no heartbeat for an unspecified amount of time (minutes long to say the least). My face was purple with no heartbeat and they performed First Aid on me and that made me throw up the water and brought my heart kickstarting.

For/to me, it was as if I was in a mere dream. I was unfazed by all the fuss that took place. I went to the doctors and they were also quite surprised at my condition and reaction, afraid I would have suffered internal injury to say the least.

I believe I lived through that day because I have unfinished business and that I have a higher purpose to serve.

Whatever that purpose may be, we’re glad EDD is around to have a second chance at it.


There was one more story that stood out as so terrible, so terrifying we simply could not let it go without a special mention. It was submitted by Ava Cartier, a real trooper. In fact, we felt so badly for Ava’s suffering, we decided to create a Runner Up prize and award a 4th HUD in the contest. We think you’ll agree the torture she endured was almost more than any of us could bear:

Back in 2006, I couldn’t log in to Second Life for six months. Linden Lab said it was my fault, the internet provider said it was Linden Lab’s fault…’round and ’round it went…finally, after many discussions with both places, Linden Lab figured out it was their fault. Within a day of that last conversation, I was back in world. I showered again, I ate a real meal, and I cut the knots out of my hair. I can take childbirth. I can take car accidents. I can take being in intensive care for bronchitis, pneumonia, flu, and sepsis. Just don’t keep me from Second Life for six months.

Congratulations to all our Sinister Winners and thank you to everyone who told us their scariest tale. We really enjoyed reading the entries and as always, we’re thrilled by the enthusiasm and creativity of our Pea community!